NaBloPoMo: Early Bird or Night Owl?

Post 6.: Early Bird or Night Owl?


If you’ve been reading my blog you’d known that, some time back I was too obsessed with Owl Accessories. After a little surfing on the net, I realized that the Owl Accessories represents Insomnia or Insomniacs. Yes I am an Insomniac. Readers might also know that I work in Night Shifts so it’s the weekends when I have problems sleeping the most – because I can’t sleep in the night! I guess this is in the genes. My father was a late sleeper too. He used to work late night at home doing some paper work (I didn’t get what he used to do then, all I cared was he is awake so I have the option of being awake late and go to sleep when he does). I too work late in the night; literally and also write blog posts sometimes in the morning before the dawn.


Let me be clear enough that, just because I am an Insomniac doesn’t mean I hate sleeping. I love sleeping, but the problem is I can’t.


How morning makes me?

I am one irritated soul if I have to wake up in the morning like normal people. I have a terrible headache and yell at anyone who dares to talk to me. Morning makes me weak. It literally makes me lazy. I am tired in the morning, even though I had a 10 hour sleep in the night. I need to sleep in the morning and wake up in the afternoon or evening. And that makes me fresh and happy.

How Night makes me?

Being a night person, I love nights. Creativity comes to me at night. I can think clearly with no disturbance or obstacles at night. I am flirty at work because it is night shift. I apply the right lipstick to work because I know I have slept well the whole morning and the night is just about to start.


This is it! I am a night person! Call me Insomniac if you want to. Mornings are not meant for me.



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P.S.: A li’l tired today. My eyes are already heavy and I might crash the bed any moment now.


Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Keep Sleeping! Keep Working!

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