NaBloPoMo: Selfies

Post 5.: Selfies

Is it bad turning into a ‘Selfie Addict’? I recently read an article here that listed down all the famous-faces who have their selfies all over the social media. Gul Panag leads the Selfie competition in Twitter with 60 Selfies and Priyanka Chopra leads Instagram with 31 Selfies. These people are already announced as the Selfie Addicts.


I feel, loving yourself is the best thing. And one can always let the world know how beautiful you are. I flaunt my pout, bong eyes, love for fashion, food and books. I love clicking my own pictures because I am comfortable with just one person and that’s me! I get conscious when someone else clicks my picture – so I go all Selfie!


The famous faces like Priyanka and Gul are too busy with 18-20 hours of shooting and award functions etc. but still managed to get 30 and 60 selfies which is incredible. I work for 9 hours and travel for 3 hours (two-ways) and hence I get more time for more selfies. I happened to count my Selfies on Instagram and I won the competition! I have 113 Selfies!


Here are a few cute pouts and selfies of mine!



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P.S. It is a big week coming ahead. I am so nervous and excited and waiting that I can take-in scoops and scoops of Vanilla Ice-creams right away.


P.S.S. Also i have been acting pregnant all the week. My craving for  food bought me to think if I am pregnant or no. And then I told myself, “Shut Up! You can’t be! You are just craving for food!”


Have a loving week ahead and enjoy to the fullest! Welcoming Winter by the way here in Mumbai. I can feel the Mumbai Winters in the night while coming back home from work, however it is still hot in the day!


Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Keep Clicking! Keep Loving yourself!

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