NaBloPoMo: Job that pays the Bills

Post 4.: Job that pays the Bills


One doesn’t have to love the job they do but it is been said that if one happens to have a job that they love it is the best. Unfortunately that’s not my case. I don’t love my job. I am not one of those dedicated worker who would work day and night to impress my managers and other superiors for a promotion. I love my workplace for the flexibility of break timings and THAT’S ALL!


I always wanted to be a Journalist or anything to do with writing. Unfortunately, not everyone is as lucky as some people who get paid really well with their dream career. I remember once I had been for an interview for a content Writer in Mumbai and what they offered me was less than half from my previous organization.


But again who says everyone has to love their job. For me it is the job that pays the bills!




Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Keep Doing what you Love!

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