NaBloPoMo: Five Things in my Fridge

Post 3.: Five Things in my Fridge




Food and I have always been inseparable. Let that be the simple Dal-Bhaat Aaloo Bhaaté or Macher Jhol Bhaat. I have always felt good with food around. All thanks to my Bengali genes passed on to me by my grandparents and parents who are bigger foodies than me.


Let’s have a little peek-a-boo in my Fridge today, what first five things I can see in it.

1. Chocolate Cake: Not the full cake, but I can see a Ginormous piece of chocolate cake lying in the fridge with a fork in it. As it was my younger brother’s birthday yesterday and we had this little cake cutting ceremony for him at 12 in the night, there’s this piece of cake lying around. I wish I could eat it.

2. Diwali Sweets: Half the Indian household will be full of these. Diwali is still on the rail and we are still receiving Diwali sweets from neighbors. I can track down 2 boxes of Diwali sweets untouched.

3. Jalapenos: I have this huge glass jar full of Jalapenos that I love to have with my salad at times or maybe in my Omlette.

4. Payesh (Kheer): Another birthday treats for my brother’s birthday. There’s this big Tiffin filled with Payesh made by my mom especially for my brother on his birthday. Mom’s Payesh is the best one I have ever had till date. I would love to share the recipe some other time. But one should have it for sure.

5. Eggs: There are 13 to 14 eggs lying in the fridge and that has caught my eyes. I love eggs in any form. Let that be Omlette, Boiled, Egg Curry, in Aaloo Bhaaté, Bhurji, Egg Roll, etc… I love my eggs in any form. So I might just scramble a few eggs and have it with the Brown Bread I can see lying on the gas stove. Breakfast decided.


Well these are the five things in my fridge that I saw the moment I opened it. So how are Diwali Holidays going people? I believe in Eco-Friendly Diwali so I am spending my Diwali by working and working out more! 😛


Hope you all have an amazing Diwali…


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2 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo: Five Things in my Fridge

  1. hahahahaha at least, you could write a post on things u saw and wished to eat from your fridge. I would just EAT away everything found in mine.


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