NaBloPoMo: 20th Birthday Bash

Post 2.: 20th Birthday Bash


Today’s the birthday of the boy turned Man. He happens to be my first love! Someone I hope never leaves me and the one I know he will always love me in his own unique way. To the boy turned man – WE both – me and Ma love you the most and you are our life… You won’t get everything you ask for but we will give you we think you need. We will see to it that you have the taste of the world cuisine as that describes you… I promise to cook and try more new recipes for you and I expect you to give me your honest opinions! I promise to yell at you for every mistake you do but also promise to be your partner in crime whenever possible!


You were the smallest thing I ever held in my hand. We loved you with all your imperfections. And you loved me with all my stardom and irritating attitude. You usually tried to be with me whenever possible. You are not only the sweetest brother but also one of my Best Friends! You always wanted that Title, didn’t you…? Well you always were my best friend just that I never told you.


You turned 20 today which means a lot, unfortunately I won’t be able to take an off from work today though I so much want to be with you on your 20th birthday. However, I hope all the gifts this year and the surprise cake has done some heal to the damage! Well I hope to be there with you on your next birthday.


It feels so weird that you are no more in your teen, though you are still my kid brother and you will always be one for me!


Happy Birthday Alok (Daak Naam-Nick Name: Gopu a.k.a. Gops).


P.S.: This is my Second Post for NaBloPoMo


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