I am Sexy and I Know it!


“Anything under size five isn’t a woman. It’s a boy with breasts.”
Laurell K. Hamilton, Obsidian Butterfly


You talk behind my back and I take that as a compliment. And trust me I really do. Though at times I am hurt but again I laugh it out and then think, “Baby, it takes one to recognize the other.”


Did you know as per the ‘Societal Norms’ A FAT GIRL IS NOT SUPPOSED TO WEAR ONE-PIECE DRESS? Well I was introduced about this norm just a few hours ago when a work colleague mentioned that another work colleague thinks that, “You (as in me) are too fat to wear a dress (as in ONE-PIECE DRESS). And you shouldn’t have worn it last year during the office party.” My reaction, you ask? “Ahh Baby, tell me about it.”


So a plus size girl isn’t supposed to wear a one-piece? Who made that Rule? The Society? The society is made of me. I am the society and I believe that every single person has the right to wear whatever they want to. Isn’t it their body? If someone doesn’t like what they wear or thinks the piece of cloth on them isn’t looking good on them – CLOSE YOUR ‘EFFING’ EYES!  Why can’t people understand the fact that it is not the body type but the attitude and how gracefully someone can carry the outfit they are wearing? Obviously this comment shouldn’t have made me bother so much but it did, not because it is a harsh comment but because it comes from another girl.


Another opinion another girl had about me, was that – I wear a lot of revealing clothes and my approach is too bold. Well, obviously my approach is too bold. It runs in the family. I was never been taught to PRETEND. Teachers and parents always told me, ‘Be who you are.’


So if I understand an adult joke, am I supposed to pretend as if I didn’t understand and be quiet? Naaah, I will laugh. Or do you think that I am not supposed to drink with boys? Well, I hate girls (except for my BFF) and I am super straight so I love the company of boys for drinking. Or do you feel that I shouldn’t read Fifty Shades or any other Erotica in public? Well as if I care! I am a hardcore reader and I love all sort of words. At least I am not hiding under the blanket with my phone and watching an adult video. Oopsie! Did I just offend you baby? I don’t care! I will read Erotica in public and will keep sharing my drinking achievements in public as well. Or is it my excellent writing skills that are bothering you? Do you think this fat girl writes too well? Well I know that also I know that I am fat, does it makes any different?


Now when it comes to my revealing clothes, I never knew wearing a Kurti with Chudidaar is revealing? Or maybe it’s my ‘neckline’ that you are jealous of? Oh I am so sorry, you don’t have one to show off. Well, dear I wished you had ‘some’ show to the world, but never mind, there are boys in this world who likes girls with ‘nothing at all’ too. Or is it that your boyfriend just said that, “Ashmita is too hot!” Well don’t worry I don’t like your boyfriend because I don’t have a choice as pathetic as yours. So you can keep him to yourself.


So lessons of life for a FAT GIRL:

 A fat girl isn’t supposed to wear a DRESS – that suits her so well that all the boys keep looking at her.

A fat girl isn’t supposed to be BOLD enough to talk about how well she can handle her beers, how much fun she had in the party with her office boys over a dinner with drinks, laugh on adult jokes, reads Erotica in public and WRITE ‘such’ blog posts.

A fat girl isn’t supposed to wear revealing clothes because it may attract the skinny girl’s boyfriend.


Being fat isn’t a crime. One is either fat by choice or because of medical reasons. I ‘was’ fat because I love eating. I still love eating but need to show some people that even I can reduce, also who wouldn’t mind being ‘healthy and voluptuous’. I have been with guys about whom girls have been fantasizing about, let that be the Trainer guy or the Manager Guy; I have had the men on position. I consider my weight as a virtue. There are women who want to put on because they aren’t blessed with curves.


I am blessed with a body with curves, a face that is beautiful, a brain that is intelligent and a heart that believes in giving. What else can I ask for!?! It’s your attitude girls that helps you stand out in the crowd. It’s your behavior with your fellow mates that gives you the respect. Never judge a person because they sin differently from you.


Skinny girls and girls who think that I am not supposed to wear a DRESS because I am OVER-WEIGHT is your opinion and trust me your opinion only means a new topic for my blog – nothing more. Guess what? This year’s party, I am wearing a DRESS again! Also, other girls who are over-weight I would like to tell them, “Don’t let anyone put you down. Remember your body is your virtue. You want to reduce – reduce! You want to remain a foodie and keep that weight on – keep it. You want to wear a skirt that falls just above your knees or thighs, go for it. You want to show your neckline, show it. It is your body, your money and your life. Don’t let anyone rule over you. Just because you have a tummy, doesn’t mean you’re not yummy.”



Diwali is here and it’s time to celebrate this festival of lights. I believe in an eco-friendly Diwali, so I might keep myself to visiting relatives and WhatsApp messages. For all the others, have a happy and safe Diwali!


P.S.: I am sexy and I Know it! 😉


Keep Blogging! Keep Reading! Keep Loving yourself!

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