Date outside your Typical Type

How will you ever get out of your comfort zone and date someone who is not your type? Are you attracted to someone who is a bad boy, pierced, smokes or to someone who is a good boy, smokes and has a tat on his shoulder, or to someone who is working as a manager with no specific looks but good communication skills? I had once written a post on Perplexities, you can find it HERE.


I am the one who is attracted to someone who has a good job, matured, a little bit on the heftier side is good, knowledgeable and a little bit of good looks. Well if you read them again and if you know me well, this is ideally what I am! My type of men has mostly been men like me. Isn’t it worse to date yourself? I mean come-on it’s not even possible! Don’t you’ll get tired of the same routine? I do. Honestly I get tired of the same texts I receive on my WhatsApp in the evening when I get up from my sleep (I work in Night Shift). Who likes the same food everyday on their plates? Who would wear similar clothes to work every day?


Well there are so many things that we do repeatedly. This in fact also results in déjà-vu. Have you ever felt that your current love interest is more or less like your ex? That’s because you go for the same type, baby.




4 Tips that can help you date someone your off-type:


1. Tear off that Checklist:

Are you like me who has a checklist for everything? A bigger apartment, a better job, more clothes, good food – blah-blah-blah! Well Checklists are boring. I know that goes for me as well but I am actually deleting off my checklist from my folder as you are reading this. If your checklist have – a good looking, tall guy to date, you will end up with someone exactly the same which will be what you expected. Isn’t a relationship supposed to be something new, something exciting?


2. Check out a new Spot:

Do you visit the same resto-bar every time you plan for a beer? Change it. Try new places. There are more bars that can provide you the same beer and maybe some more happy Hours. Also trying new resto-bars will help you find 10 new guys rather than the same boys you see in your regular spot.


3. Say yes to someone you weren’t attracted to:

“I will date only photographers who are of the Zodiac Libra and have a heftier body and is a manager.” Please Stop. Go and date someone who likes to be clicked or someone who has no hobbies at all. Rather than dating all the managers try to go for someone who is an associate. You never know you can just get luckier and will be surprised that the entry level associate is more knowledgeable than the manager.


4. Travel more:

When was the last time you left your house with a bag pack with no plan at all? If it has never happened, do it now. Save up the big buck, cut down the unnecessary online shopping spree you keep doing and go for an unplanned tour. There is a chance you will meet someone for a brief moment but will remember for a lifetime.


No one knows what’s written in one’s destiny. Maybe this post is for you to get up off that lazy chair and shut your laptop and wear your sneakers and go for a jog where you can find someone who is not attractive but has a sea of knowledge within him. maybe you’ll just come home with no one in your mind, but someone might have just admired you while you were busy jogging and the next day they approach you. Be shameless enough to tell someone how you feel. You won’t lose anything but might gain something.

Get off-type and see is it fun or no? I am going to try this and will et you’ll know is the off-type any good!


Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Keep Loving yourself!

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