Live Out of a Suitcase

How close can one place be for you? Well, I have been to many places and some places have THAT impact on me that I can’t forget them – like Jaipur! I love Jaipur. I also loved Darjeeling!

Top Five lists of Places I would love to live in my entire lifetime in India!


1. Mumbai

This is home. I am habituated to its crowd, noise pollution, late night traffic jams, unseasonal rains, vada pavs, pav bhaajis, cutting chai and just everything. How can I forget – The Local Trains! I just love my city. Mumbai is just the perfect place to be and I am so lucky that I am born here. I have heard my cousins from Kolkata crying to get settled here and my reaction is, “Big Deal!!!” Obviously it is no big deal for me but for some it is. Anyway Mumbai is the place I have been for 23 years straight so I think it’s quite a lifetime in itself.


2. Goa

Who cannot love this place! I love beer! I love Sea Food! I love beaches! I love Goa! I have been here just once that too when I was eight or nine. Obviously Beers wasn’t the thing for me then. But now I am craving to be a part of this GOA Life! I get a job there and I am grabbing it for sure and I am taking my BFF all the way there along with me. Need to get there this year for a vacation and got to save some insane amount of money for this! No more Online shopping for 2 months straight and Goa I am there!


3. Pune

I have been to Pune for insanely enormous time and I really love the lifestyle there. Language is no problem there. I am from Mumbai and I know to speak Marathi for a survival. Just that I have to learn scooty and buy it before going to Pune as the transportation charges there are treacherous.


4. Bangalore

I love this city for its climate in December. I have been to Bangalore 2 times – Once in December and then in April. Amazing place! Super Kaaphhee (Read as Coffee)! I don’t mind living there again with a vehicle of my own because it has the same transportation issue as Pune. These IT parks I tell you.


5. Kolkata

Though I am a hardcore Mumbaikar and I love my city but somewhere deep down in my heart I love Kolkata too. Not being unfaithful with Mumbai at all. The reason why I love Kolkata is for 3 main reasons – First – Literature and the city loves it too much! Second – Food and the love of food that are transferred to me by my bong genes. Third – Transportation is very cheap in Kolkata. Also another reason is the language; I won’t have a problem with the language in Kolkata either. I would love to live in Kolkata.


So these are the 5 top cities I would love to be a part of! Mumbai is already done so now remaining are 4 cities!!!!! Yayyyyy!


On that note, why don’t you’ll listen to the first International song sung by Priyanka ChopraIn My City



P. S. : I ain’t turning into a Priyanka Chopra Fan just that wanted to add this video after yesterday’s post that had her song. Also, its not that bad!


Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Keep loving Bollywood!

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