The over caring Sibling!




My younger brother’s exams starts today (fine my younger brother is not so young – he is appearing for his TYBCOM) However, for me he will always remain that small li’l Gopu (his daak naam – Nick name). Even his grown up beard and mustache won’t make him a BIG BOY for me. So as it’s his First Exam Day today, I went with him to the examination center (it’s a Family Tradition and Ritual to take the Children till the examination center) Though he being the Big Boy wasn’t that happy about the fact that his Didi (me) has gone with him till the college. I know it can be embarrassing but ‘Puh-lease I am the DIDI and I have all the right to be there for his first exam of TYBCOM.’ It is his graduation year! It is so DAMN important, isn’t it?


So like a typical Bong Didi – I was there in his examination center and he tried to shoo me away. Why? I was just telling him not to worry and to not take tension. (Of course that became more of me shouting at him and it resulted in his shoo-ing me away). Finally came two angel like friends of his (both of them boys – but angel like because they took him away and so they were angels for him and devils for me) Again, I like a typical good Didi kept on following him without his knowledge. I went till his exam class till the time he got his bench. Luckily he didn’t see me following him or else he would have thrown me out of the college.


I finally left the college after being content that he has reached his classroom safely. Is it wrong to love your younger brother? Okay fine sometimes my love crosses the normal level but isn’t that accepted as I have the Bong genes of showing a bit too much of sweetness?


Anyway now it’s time to sleep for an hour or two so that I can be fresh at work – GOD SAVE ME IT’S Monday AGAIN!!!


Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Keep Loving your siblings! Keep Caring!

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