Chapter 12

The week passed by and it was the next weekend. Maya along with Mrs. Godbole went for some serious interior shopping from the streets of Mumbai. Mrs. Godbole was pretty good with bargaining and getting things at half the said rate. Maya managed to get some cushion covers, pillow covers, bed sheets, curtains, photo frames and some cheap paintings. She got seven fancy book shelves that could accommodate most of the books. After a tiring shopping they had lunch. Maya asked Mrs. Godbole about her daughter and they had lunch with some chit-chats.


It was almost five in the evening when they reached home. Maya was super excited to re-decorate her home. She bought some fancy lights as well that would bring the bling to her apartment. Maya called the electrician to have the lights fitted and some drilling for the frames. Maya looked at her completely changed apartment and was pretty happy with her sense of selection. In the living room, one of the walls was dedicated to pictures of her parents and Shiv’s.


Maya looked at the entire house one more time reassuringly. She then went to the kitchen and cooked some Maggi noodles and sat on the Balcony Swing Chair. She played old Bollywood songs on her I-pod and was enjoying every bit of the self made life. She slept the night on the swing chair with songs still on. It was three in the morning when she got disturbed of her sleep due to some noise. She peeked through the balcony and saw two guys making noise on the bike. She ignored the noise and went to her bedroom to sleep peacefully.


Next morning was a new morning for Maya. There was some noise outside the apartment. She asked Mrs. Godbole of what had happened and realized that the two boys from the society met with a bike accident last night. Mrs. Godbole informed her that none of them were able to make it. Morning was depressing but Maya knew these things happened. Maya was standing at the balcony with her morning tea and was looking at the chaos in the society lobby. She saw someone enter the society gate and enter the wing. She felt she has seen this person somewhere. In a few moments her door bell rang. She changed the door bell to something more decent.


Joydeep was standing at the door with someone. Maya’s cheeks were red realizing that it was Vishal Singh. They both entered the house. Vishal was quite impressed with the decoration of his apartment. Maya offered them tea but they both refused. Joydeep informed Maya that Vishal was in Mumbai for one week and will be visiting Joydeep’s and her apartment almost every day in order to check leakages. Maya was aware that Vishal has been noticing her the moment they entered. She could see the spark in his eyes. Joydeep asked Maya if it’s ok if Vishal enters her apartment with the duplicate keys when Maya was at work. Maya said yes and the men left the house. Maya was only recovering from the effect of Vishal just when her phone rang and it was an unknown number. She received the call and the person on the other side introduced himself as Vishal.


Maya was blushing. Vishal and Maya spoke and flirted over the phone for a while. The whole day they exchanged texts and kept talking through texts. Weekends for Maya had ever been so exciting. It was eight in the night and Maya was busy writing on her blog when her phone rang once again. She was expecting Vishal but it was Shubhro. He asked her if she wants to join him and his friends for dinner. Maya agreed and they decided to meet by nine at a restaurant named ‘Barbeque Shack’. The whole evening Maya kept exchanging texts with Vishal. She reached home at around eleven in the night. She wasn’t drunk but was too sleepy and crashed before she could even reply to Vishal’s last message.


Monday was a busy day for Maya and Joydeep as they had to start working on the new story as well as get an appointment with Ms. Sharma for the publication process to get started for the previous one. Maya managed to get a quick 15 minutes lunch before the next meeting with a few more people for the new story. After the meeting Joydeep asked Maya to come to his cabin. Joydeep asked Maya to get on the wheels and start from the next day for some research for his new novel; in the meanwhile Joydeep will arrange the plot for the new venture. He gave her a list of places she has to visit and get some unique ideas. Maya knew this was going to be hectic and challenging for her.


The entire week, she didn’t manage to meet Vishal but their texting and phone calls increased. Maya was busy the whole week. She was hardly at work. She was out most of the time and was doing research for Joydeep’s new novel. She had to go to hospitals, orphanage, pet care centers, and colleges.


Maya was at a coffee shop on Friday to see how it works. After the coffee shop, she called and told Joydeep that she got enough information from the coffee shop. Joydeep asked Maya to take the day off and get some rest. Maya needed to give herself some me time as it was difficult for her to go about the city having no knowledge about it. She landed in salon for a much needed pedicure.


It was seven in the evening when she reached home with some pasta, cheese, tomatoes and coriander leaves. Maya was planning to make pasta for dinner. She was surprised to see Vishal at her house when she reached home. He was there with a plumber and electrician. They were been checking the pipes and electric slots. He gave Maya a smile and Maya was blushing already. She kept the shopping bags in the kitchen and had a word with Vishal. She asked him to wait for dinner. He immediately accepted the offer.


The plumber and electrician left while Maya had changed into her pajama and T-Shirt. She was in the kitchen making pasta. She heard the doors closed and went to the drawing room and saw that the other men had left the house while Vishal was over the phone. “He looked great!” thought Maya and went back to the kitchen. She could sense someone standing behind her. She turned around and Vishal was standing at the door. Vishal had dark black hair and penetrating eyes. He had a slight stubble; he was quite tall and had a lean body.


He was wearing a Brown T-Shirt and Jeans. He asked Maya if he could help her. Maya refused as she was done with the cooking. She served the pasta and they headed towards the balcony to have their dinner. Vishal was impressed with Maya’s cooking. It was late in the night and Vishal was still at her apartment. “Maya, why don’t we watch some movie?” Maya looked at him puzzled and nodded her head. She hardly had any Bollywood movies. Vishal said he wanted to watch some Hollywood movie. They were going through the movies Maya had on her laptop. Vishal wasn’t happy with the collection. He took out his laptop and started a movie. It was No Strings attached. This was the first time, Maya saw the movie. Vishal said, “You know what this means right?” Maya said, “Yes! But why are you asking?” Vishal got a bit cozier on the bedroom mattress and pulled Maya towards him facing her. He said, “I am attracted to you from the moment I saw you in Joy’s cabin. I wanted to make love to you since then.” Maya was blushing. She never made love to anyone. It was just Shiv, whom she kissed before leaving Kolkata. Maya didn’t move. Vishal continued, “I am commitment phobic. I can’t get committed to you. But I really want you.” Maya opened her mouth to say something and he took the opportunity and placed his lips on hers. She couldn’t resist and closed her eyes immediately. Her hands were on the nape of his neck while he was pulling her towards her.


In no time Maya was out of her clothes and so was he. She could feel him move around her body easily. Maya was enjoying the male touch. He was on top of her; looked in her eyes, kissed her vigorously and there she was losing herself completely for the first time. They made love the whole night. Maya didn’t realize when she slept. She woke up when the sun rays touched her face. She couldn’t see him around.


She was no more a virgin.




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