Lust List: Bling On!

Diwali is just around the corner. And I can already smell the sweets along with the holiday season in the air. Though I wish this October heat goes away sooner and comes my favorite season – Winter! And winter means too many wedding invitations pouring in. and then after Diwali and with weddings going on there comes Christmas and then New Year. So much of shopping to do! I wish some of my cousins were to get married this winter, could have flaunted myself in a sari flirting with some cute Bong guys. Anyway maybe next year some of my cousins or BFF will get married and I might get to flirt with some bong guys.


I am writing a Lust list after a long time. Well the festive mood has encouraged me to write today’s lust list. And of course Pinterest!




1. I love Sonam Kapoor for her acting ability and her Classic British style of dressing. I and S usually think that she should’ve been born in the Jane Austen Era. Doesn’t she look like some Classic English Woman? Well for me she is elegant and royal. And so is this Necklace she is wearing in the picture.


2. Diamonds area girl’s best friend. It is the best friend a girl can ever have. I am obsessed with rings. I love to buy rings. Though, I am still waiting for that perfect ring to pop out with the question that would give me fever. I know we don’t have the culture of giving the ring to propose, but I do want a proposal like that – A Diamond ring, a handsome guy and a beautiful place. And this ring is it. Small yet expensive; delicate yet Diamond!


3. Ahh!  Jimmy Choo! Do I need to write more???  I guess no!


4. Now that what Karisma Kapoor is wearing is something I really love. I am not sure if it’s an A-Line Kurti or a full Anarkali or a Jacket or a dress. Whatever it is – it is a Sabyasachi and is mesmerizing!

I would like to wish all of my readers a Happy Diwali and Happy Wedding (if anyone is getting married). Well before that comes Halloween! So Happy Halloween to all of you!


Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Keep making style statements! Keep Lusting!

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