Insanely Jealous!

Sometimes the people you hate the most comes as a blessing in disguise, don’t they? I have never ever come across such a person whom I hate and he/she has helped me. However, we met such a FRENEMY of my mom’s today. We were busy shopping for Durga Puja (which is just starting… almost here) and someone called out my mom’s name and I turned back and then my mom. I looked confused because frankly I didn’t know who SHE was. But I guessed it right that my mom wasn’t that fond of her. My mom pretended to give her a smile. She was Bengali and started talking in Bengali by saying to my mom: “I found this I-Card of yours fallen outside Big Bazaar.” I was in shock because the purses were with me. I might’ve dropped it while putting my mom’s Debit Card back into her purse. Shit I was in trouble I knew. I took it from her and quickly and carefully put it back in my mom’s purse. My mom was never so happy to meet this lady I guess. They spoke for a while about the preparations of Durga Puja and then she left.


And I had a hard time to deal with my mom. Eventually after some embarrassing moments where my mom was yelling at me and a cute boy passing by looking at me, she cooled down and told me who the lady was. She was the first choice of my father when he was finding himself a suitable Bengali wife. And then I knew how it felt to be jealous. I was jealous thinking that this lady who almost saved me from swollen eyes (because I would’ve cried insanely if we didn’t find her I-Card) was about to get married to my father. Which meant Ma wouldn’t have been my Ma or rather I wouldn’t have been created at all. I felt the jealousy in my mom’s eyes and I told myself: “Maybe this is what people said when they confessed that they were jealous.”


Feeling Jealous means You Insanely love the person…


With this jealousy note I would like to do some justice to the Lazy Saturday by lazing around with a book for a while and then off to sleep as Tomorrow is going to be a busy-busy day!

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