The Three Fantasies

I have more 10 fantasies every day. If I jot down all of them I will either lose whatever traffic I have on my blog or I might end up publishing the Best Selling Book! You never know anything can happen with me.  Anyway let me disclose and discuss 3 of my Big Time Fantasies.


Before I give them out, there are TWO ground rules:

1. If you aren’t 18+ please leave this blog post and go to the previous one.

2. Don’t judge me on the basis of this post. (Even if one wants to I don’t care because this is the TRUTH and the truth is UGLY)

Now after the Ground rules let me share 3 of my biggest fantasies.


Ticket to Hollywood:

Hasn’t any one of you ever thought of Making Love with Any of the Hollywood Actor? If you say No! You know you are either lying because you are reading this post with your Husband or Boyfriend or you are just Too Good to think about an Actor that way.

However, in my case Fuc**ing ‘A Particular’ Hollywood Actor is on the top of my Fantasies List. It is highly impossible but again Fantasies need not be fulfilled every time, right? Who is this Hollywood Actor who is on the top of my fantasy list?

Guesses anyone? Except for you ‘S’ I know you know it!


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Ahh well it is Gerard Butler! Don’t tell me you don’t know this 300 guy, the P.S. I Love You guy, The Ugly Truth Guy??!!??

I am sure all of you’ll know him. His killer one sided smile is to die for. And I believe my instinct that he is a very good lover.

Bedroom Study room?

I love to consider myself as Nerdy though I am not the exact definition of it. But little bit here and there. Books? Yeah I love them and own a lot of them. Nerdy Specks? I have them and love them too. At least two things out of the many I possess so I have all the rights to call myself a Nerdy Blogger. Now the fantasy isn’t books but it is being with my REAL lover and reading a book. I would love to read out the Fifty Shades Trilogy and the Crossfire Series to my then lover. Obviously I am not that lucky to get a Cross or Grey as a boyfriend but at least I can make him aware of what I want him to be like. People have different fantasies and one of mine is reading out Grey or Cross in the future. I don’t even want to go to the imagination part now or else this post will be incomplete.


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Beach Wedding:

Last but not the least. Get married on a beach. Yes I want to get married on a beach. I don’t know if a Bengali Wedding will take place on a beach but I WANT A BEACH WEDDING! I have always had this soft corner for beaches but not for weddings. I love attending weddings but getting into one myself is a far off thing (for now at least). But if a guy (who possess at least 85% of the qualities off my Checklist) asks me to get married on a beach on a Sunday where there will be a cocktail party after the wedding I would say Yes Instantly. This is one fantasy that can be possible but very expensive (however when I say 85% of the qualities off my checklist includes – A LOT OF MONEY).


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These were the Three Fantasies of mine out of the 1000’s… It’s good to have fantasies that will keep you loving life more every day.


Keep Blogging! Keep Reading! Keep Fantasizing!

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