Poles Apart: Yet Together!


Best friends? Bloody they mean so much to us. They are the one who cries with us, smiles with us and encourages us to fall in love with the wrong one every time. Well this happens in my case. I and S encourage each other to fall in love with the Wrong One EVERY SINGLE TIME! S is a girl for people who haven’t been following the blog. We know each other for the last 8 years, I suppose? Whatever! We have been inseparable. Our parents are almost tired of the other but yet wants us to stick around each other (‘cuz secretly they know that both of the girls are too good to be true).


Now both of us are similar but we are poles apart as well. Some of the similarities are Gideon Cross, Christian Grey, Mills and Boons for starters. But this post ain’t about the similarities. It’s about the dissimilarities we posses.


What makes us Poles Apart from each other?



She loves FOOD but not to the extent I do.

Considers FOOD as my first love.

She loves being a part of the SOCIAL gathering, let say a party or a Puja or something of that sort.

On the other hand hate being a part of a SOCIAL gathering. She is the one who sits quietly in the corner of the room in a party.

She loves DANCING.


She is not that Socially Active on Social Networking Sites.

She is always ONLINE on all the Social Networking Sites.

Not that interested in WRITING.

Too much into WRITING.

Not into the banking stuff.

Too much into the banking stuff.

Can maintain relations with people, friends and colleagues.

Cannot maintain relations a bit.

Loves Salman Khan

Loves Shahrukh Khan

Loves Kajol

Loves Rani Mukerji

Always wanted to get married.

Never wants to get married.

Isn’t diplomatic at all.

Is very diplomatic.

Can hardly Cry.

Cries too often.

Isn’t a sweet tooth.

Is completely a sweet tooth.


These are some Poles apart points that I can at the moment think of. Though we both have so many dissimilarities still we are Best Friends. We abuse each other but can’t see some Third Person say one bad word about the other. We are the one supports each other even in the wrong and are the partner in crimes.


I read somewhere that Soul Mates not necessarily means a lover or spouse it can be anyone whom you can relate with – In my case it is definitely my Best Friend.

Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Keep Loving your Best Friend!

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