Another Facet of A Break Up!

I got a comment on THIS blog post from a school friend who mentioned about this Facet of break up: “You could be the one breaking up… But not because he cheated on you or something, it could be because you just don’t feel the spark anymore… Or you’ve realized after spending a long time with that person, that it’s just not what you want in life and that you and your partner’s priorities now just don’t match.”

Shraddha, that was about to be my next post. LOL!  However, I think the spark factor is major problem in a relationship. Getting bored of a relationship (in a rude term) is very often these days. There are so many options around us and around them. Not feeling the spark anymore is so normal, what do you think? Even a married couple can’t feel the spark among themselves after just 3 – 4 years of marriage. I have seen people going apart in life just because there’s no spark anymore. I personally feel its ok as one needs changes and changes happens when we least expect them to happen.

Break up due to it is SO POSSIBLE! Priorities being the next one, I feel this is the major reasons for most of the break ups today. “I want to achieve something in life… you are a distraction to me” is something a guy once told me. Obviously that leaded to a break up. Priorities in life changes and it should. Love shouldn’t be the top most priority of one’s life I feel. Love isn’t going bring the bread at home. You need work your ass off to earn those Garlic Breads! 😛 For some their families are the priorities which is again acceptable.

Break ups due to priorities of lack of sparks in the relationship are one of the major reasons to break up but again it is not ‘What you say’ it is ‘How you say it!’ If a boy falls in love with another girl instead of saying: “I love someone else not you anymore” he could just say: “I guess we should move on as we know it’s not working.” Truth is indeed the most important thing in a relationship but it is advisable to alter some truth at times. It is sensible enough not to hurt someone’s feelings with the whole truth. And who says the whole truth these days?

Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Keep Loving with Self-respect in place!

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