Igniting With An Old Flame: Yay or Nay?

Igniting with an old flame is not a good idea but the most convenient one. You don’t have to start with the friendship bit. You’ll are already friends, in fact there is a possibility that you’ll know each other very well. I personally feel that being with an old one is the best option after a break up. No doubts that you are already sort of depressed or angry and that will lead you to go out and date any random guy or maybe you won’t date anyone for a long time. Either of these is harmful for your love life.


There are benefits of dating an old flame:


1.       Less Hard work:

All you have to do is send a sweet little text or maybe a Poke on Facebook or just like a photo on Instagram or just send them a smiley on WhatsApp. You don’t have to start with the boring conversation: “Hi, I am Blah-Blah. What do you do?”  You need to rather just start the conversation with: “Hey! Long time huh? What’s up with you?”

2.       Save Time:

Getting back with an old flame undoubtedly saves time. You don’t have to re-start the conversation. You’ll probably know their favorite colors, actors, food and their allergies. So there is no need of wasting time in talking about things you’ll already know.

3.       Strong Bonding:

Because you’ll already know each other the bond will be stronger. You both will spend more time in knowing each other more rather than knowing each other. You’ll might also have common friends who could help you’ll with the dating thing.

4.       Same Crowd:

As mentioned earlier, there might be some common friends. Having same people to hang around with in the initial stage will be a good start. It will help you’ll talk about old memories and relive them.

5.       Family meeting:

If you were really close with this old flame and if they already have met your parents and you have met theirs so half the battle is won if they like each other. At least your family would’ve heard the name previously. So if you going out with this old flame you can just tell them that you going to meet THAT old friend of yours.


These were the 5 Important Benefits of Dating an Old Flame. Most of us don’t like going back to the old one, but if you happen to be friends with this old flame you can just ignite again to have something special.


Although I would say there is no need of dating anyone but again not dating for a LONG time can be seriously dangerous because you will keep fantasizing either about Grey or Cross or just keep sobbing over your ex with whom you broke up.


Isn’t life about giving chances? So you have to keep giving chances to yourselves and some long gone people in your life.



P.S.: When I say Old Flame it also means an old friend who has been just friends but you think something good can happen between you both. Also, I am well aware of the fact that ‘Igniting with an Old Flame’ mostly relates to an ex lover (female most of the time), but please read it as He or Him here!


Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Keep Smiling!

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