Story of a Break-Up!

It was 5 in the evening when she was waiting for that one message where she would meet her boyfriend after a year’s time. She had decided what to wear, how to tie her hair, what perfume to wear and what accessories to put on. She looked at the watch and wondered if they will have a  good time? Will he propose to me for something more concrete? Will he tell me that he loves me and just me? Will he ask me to meet his parents? Will he fall in love with me all over again? With all these chaotic thoughts she looked at her phone and waited for the message.

‘Beep’ went her phone. There she had a smile on her face – the smile that was from the heart. Her cheeks blushed and she had butterflies in her tummy. She read the message and the smile, the happiness the blush all turned into a dark nightmare. The smile was overtaken by anger, the blush on the cheeks by tears flowing and the butterflies in the tummy settled down. What was the message all about?

Her boyfriend whom she dated for 4 years broke up with her. She felt tormented and shattered. She didn’t know how to react. He had left her for her past, which she told him before them being in a relationship. There she was crying with anger and texting him back with a harsh tone. This is how long distance relationships end up that started over Orkut 4 years ago. The girl was a fool to turn down the real relationships that had her come her way for this one man she thought loved her and she loved him. There she was alone but no place to show her tears. There she was all alone no one to share her sadness with. There she was all by herself cursing her own love for him.

Will she get over him? She will manage to keep the smile on her face and will crack jokes on her break up and will also laugh out loud when with friends, but deep inside she would be crying not for losing him but for giving him the love he never deserved. She will fall in love again. She will meet someone better next time. She will get married someday and have her kids but even then there will be this small little space in her that will be thinking of him not for the bad he had done but for the memories she had with him. A girl can let go off many relationships but the first one is always the special one.




On that note let me bid goodbye to this wonderful day. Hope to see many more ah-mazing days… Girls, don’t be a fool and think before you love.


Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Keep Loving (Smartly)! Keep your Sanity in place!

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3 thoughts on “Story of a Break-Up!

  1. it takes ever to get over someone you truly love and when u do get over your past, someday your future will thank u for that 🙂


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