Cross and Grey exists?

Christian Grey and Gideon Cross are mere illusions… I am well aware of it but being the dorky types I believe what book have in them.  Reading and I goes hand in hand. I can survive without movies but reading…? It is next to impossible. And I am not at all ashamed of saying: “I love reading the Fifty Shades Trilogy, Crossfire Series, Mills and Boons – in short my reading genre is EROTICA and Romance.”


In books and stories everything is just so beautiful. The heroes are Billionaires, Good-Looking, Sexy, Naughty, Successful, Loving and they are just everything. Why don’t we have such men in reality? I wonder if I would meet someone who is as sexy, successful and rich as Gideon Cross and Christian Grey. Well, it’s an IMPOSSIBLE Thing ever – Or maybe not? Don’t they say, “Impossible itself says I M Possible”?


Intense, Handsome, Rich, Loving, Damaged, Tormented, Sexy and Hot – are these qualities too much to ask for. And read again it not only has all the positives but also negatives like damaged and tormented. No man is perfect but if someone is as perfectly imperfect as Gideon Cross and Christian Grey I would accept their love in a blink of the eye.


I still am the small girl who feels there is that Knight in the Shining Armor somewhere who will come and take me away and we will live happily ever after. Okay not literally but at least some guy who at least has the good and bad qualities of either Cross or Grey. Well as they say, if you keep waiting you might rather die Virgin and unmarried. So I might not WAIT for a lifetime but I am sure there is a Cross or Grey made for each one of us and in my case there HAS TO BE a CROSS or GREY. In fact I am efficient enough to be with either of them. 😀




Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Keep Loving! Keep Waiting for your Cross and Grey!

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