Lust List: Mints, Peaches and Ruffles…

Who can't have Cupcakes...???

How would you feel when you tried too hard to get something and you don’t get it? Well I felt shattered when something very terrible happened this evening. In ages I felt like running away by breaking the doors and rush to one of those patisseries in the South Mumbai and grab zillions of Cupcakes and Macaroons and indulge myself completely. I wish I could do that after getting the most shocking news over the month.

Anyway let’s not discuss that and let me reveal this week’s Lust List. It’s inspired from my cravings for Cupcakes and Macaroons. It’s all about ruffles, mint and peach. Ruffles really don’t suit my body type. I am on the heftier side and so anything that has ruffles makes me look like a larger version of myself. But personally I just adore ruffles. My mother never liked the colors mint and peach on me but I just love them. Maybe it’s the cupcakes and macaroons that made me fall in love with these two colors.


Pictures: Pinterest

1. Mint Jumpsuit: I have always lusted over a body that can wear the jumpsuit. I am hoping to wear this short jumpsuit very soon! I hope! I lust this jumpsuit for three reasons, one because it is Mint. Secondly it is a jumpsuit. Thirdly – It is short and cute.

2. Ruffle Dress: Ruffles usually makes me look larger than I am. But I have always loved ruffles. (I have that small little fashionable girl in me somewhere lost). Loved the ribbon and the ruffles!

3. Mint Sari: This sari is something I would love to wear during one of the events of my wedding or my BFF’s wedding or anyone’s wedding. But this is a sure shot lust-worthy thing, isn’t it?

4. Mint Heels with ruffles: if I were a heels person this would’ve been bought by me along with the Mint Sari! I would love to buy that pair of heels for the sari.

5. Peach Lipstick: I am not sure what shade it is. But it is something I would love to wear to work. It is subtle and the formal types.

6. Peach Heels: Similar to the one in Mint? Well not really. It has more heels. It is a different color altogether. The ruffle flowers on the side. Love it however.

P.S.: I have never tasted Macaroons but it’s all over on Instagram and Pinterest. And I would love to lay my hands on them.

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