At times don’t you feel to go on a vacation with no one but you?  – Maybe a group of random people. No friends, no family – Just you by yourself. Well I am going through that mode of life where I want to be all by myself and take care of myself. Anyway!

This weekend let’s go all Neon! I saw a couple of Neon Heels and Clutches online and went all gaga over it. I have always wanted a Neon Pink clutch but never found the perfect one. However, the hunt is still on. Till then let’s have a look on the lust list for this week. It’s Neon.


Final Lust List: Neon Blast


Deepika Padukone Sari: This Neon Yellow sari with a border of neon pink. Deepika is one of those actresses in the B-Town who very well knows how to carry herself in Indian attire. This sari is a creation of Arpita Mehta. I loved the blouse worn by her. Good Stuff!

Neon Multi-color necklace: This multi-color necklace is a cool thing and will pair up with any Indian or western outfit. It is one of those accessories one would love to have.

Neon clutch: I have been lusting over a neon clutch for ages now. I love clutches/wallets whatever you call it. I love having the rarest and the best.

Neon Dress: This dress is stunning with the neon peach lines on it. I would love to wear this dress with friends over dinner or maybe would just pair this up with leggings and could go all Neon-y at work.

Neon handbag: Apart from Clutches I love handbags too. I love huge handbags like these. It suits my body type and personality. Also it accommodates most of the crap I need to load it with. This is the same color as the clutch. I might take a handbag Neon Pink or green and the neon yellow clutch in it.

Neon Flats: Flats are my best friends. They make me feel comfortable. This one has the toe opening and is a lat and Neon Peach in color. It’s a perfect wear with the Neon peach dress on a summer afternoon.


So this is it. This is this week’s Lust List. Chaotic Soul goes all Neon-y this week!

Have a great Week ahead and enjoy the Independence Day.


Keep Reading! keep blogging! Keep Lusting over inanimate things! Keep Smiling!

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