Bombay Talkies

I had been way too dubious about the movie Bombay Talkies initially. I wanted to watch the movie but I was sure I am not going to get convinced with the movie. I had ‘that’ feeling you know that it wouldn’t be right. For some reasons I didn’t turn up with the popcorn in my hands in the theater seats. But after so many days I decided to watch the movie. Obviously I had to get it from a friend.

So the movie has 4 short films in it and that makes Bombay Talkies what it is! I saw the first segment by Karan Johar ‘Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh’ I was awestricken. I couldn’t judge which movie was the best but overall it was a touching concept in all the short films in this movie.

The one that I am writing on is my personal favorite amongst the four.

Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh:

This Karan Johar piece was contradictory to the ‘usual’ Karan Johar type movies. I have seen every movie by Karan Johar. You can call me his fan. This one was all about ‘Hating your family’. You know the Typical Karan Johar movies are all about loving your family but this one – Naaah! This one was dark, too bold in the sexuality and sexual orientation factor and lies. I never expected Johar’s film to have such darkness. Homosexuality is one of the major issues going on in families these days.  I support Homosexuality openly. I do hear comments that I support it maybe because I might be homosexual too. But just by supporting it, it doesn’t make you one. I have friends who are homosexuals and it is ok with me. At least I have guys with whom I can discuss boys and not girls! I have seen parents react in the most unusual way when it comes to same sex love. Many people say it is against the law of nature. But I would like to tell people that this is PURE NATURE. It is one’s nature, choice and decision. We have no rights to decide if someone likes a boy or a girl.

All the characters in this piece are completely sensual in their own way. I am a huge Rani Mukerjee and Randeep Hooda fan. But this new boy from the corner has stolen my heart away. The character of Avinash played by Saqib Saleem (Huma Qureshi’s brother and the Mujhse Fraanship Karoge actor) was the most intriguing.

First of all, he was HOT in the most sensuous way. The way he mocked around and made Gayatri (Rani Mukerjee) his very good friend at work was amazing. Gayatri is working for a magazine where Avinash is an intern. Avinash informs her that he’s gay and is shocked to see that it doesn’t shock her. The character of Rani is super hot. She is the one who wears this deep cut blouses and saris that shows off her fats perfectly. I am sure Rani had put on weight during this movie but it did suit her a lot. She looked desirable. Last but not the least; Randeep Hooda was the perfect choice by K-Jo. Dev, the gay husband who doesn’t comes out of the closet about his sexuality. The first movie was steaming hot with hotter characters. I never thought I would be turned on when I see two guys kissing, but yes I di. Obviously I imagined if they both would’ve kissed me individually it would’ve been steaming hot but yeah I couldn’t deny the fact that Randeep-Saqib Kissing scene was amazing.



What I liked in this piece?

Like all the short films from this movie this one was totally reality based but I am biased towards this one a bit more as it has my favorite actors who have acted well and the direction is done by one of my favorites again. Because i openly support homosexuality this topic is something that I think should be accepted in India. There are families who are very modern but when it comes to sexual orientation they act like the most uneducated class of the world.

Anyway my weekend is yet to begin and Friday hasn’t ended yet. I am glad I do night shifts. Looking at this sun outside, I can just do one thing – Thank God for making me the Night Person. It is now the time to sleep while reading the Crossfire Series – Reflected in You by Sylvia Day. Reading an Erotica before going to sleep actually helps me get over all those scary dreams that I have been seeing since a long time. In fact now I see all erotic dreams that are still 200 times better than seeing dead people talking to you in the dreams. What say?

On that note I would like to end this post here. I hope all of you’ll have an amazing weekend. Be naughty and keep reading my blog too…

Keep Blogging! Keep Reading! Keep Watching Movies! Keep Being Naughty!

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