If I was a Rich Girl

Haven’t this thought crossed your mind couple of times. This crosses my mind almost every day. Who doesn’t want to be rich? We all work our as*@s off to earn the dime, right? How many times have you kept a thing because you can’t get it? How many times have you felt ‘I wish I had….’? How early do you feel it’s month end?


Month end and me has a special and FOREVER Relationship. Month end can’t stay without me and comes in my life as soon as my salary is credited. Damn! We all want to have that wardrobe that has clothes for all the occasion. I am not a person who usually cries on funerals maybe that is what my name means (Ashmita = Very hard and strong) so I would love to have clothes for funerals too in my wardrobe.


How would life be if we don’t have to repeat a dress or shoes or just have the best of everything? I am supposing it would be great! I have had ample of arguments with people when it comes to Money or Love? I always choose Money. People say Money can’t buy everything, can love?


Love and Money can’t buy everything but Money can certainly buy a Mercedes and a big house of chocolate and all the great food in the world – can love buy me all these? I doubt! If it can then I opt for Love! But for now I am with Money.


If I was rich,

I wouldn’t be using the free WordPress site. I would’ve had a Premium Site by now.

I would have a walk through wardrobe.

I would have been living in my Dream House with my Dream Cars in the parking and My Dream Kitchen in the house!

I would have had people working for me.

I would have had my Restaurant by now.

I would have been the youngest entrepreneur.

So many things that money can do!

Hence, I wish I was a rich girl!


On that note I am uploading this video!


Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Have Fun!

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