Being Sizeist…

India, a land where beauty isn’t outside but inside…? Well gone are those days where Dads married Moms just because they had a good heart not because they had a good body! India is a land where you will find 50% of the human beings who wear L, XL or XXL clothes but 50% of the clothing companies have their sizes below L… Why?


When we say Equality, doesn’t it include size as well? Well I thought it does – rather it should! Everyone in the world doesn’t have the time and money to get their clothes stitched by some designer or some random tailor – WE need clothes of our sizes in stores too!


Whenever I go for clothes shopping I don’t get excited looking at the design or color or patterns! I get excited when I see clothes of my size. Isn’t that funny? Imagine I hate going for shopping at times when I know that a particular store won’t have anything in L, XL or XXL. I know I have to be sarcastic and rude to the sales person at a store because they will give me looks as I am searching for something that would fit me! Many might say – “If nothing fits you – fucking LOSE some WEIGHT”. But I don’t think that losing weight is the issue here! The issue here is CLOTHES FOR ALL SIZES.


I look at the label of the dresses before checking out the design and color! Why can’t we have an UNLABELLED Society? Is it really difficult to ask for equal amount of clothes for Plus Size People? Well I am not sure if this is something been taken under consideration but I would like to say that the number of Mc.D, KFC, Dominos, Pizza Hut etc are increasing day after day, which means eventually India is going to be the Plus Size Country with Plus Size People so don’t increase the cost of production by making clothes that won’t fit people in the span of one year.


This is a social cause and needs to be handled carefully. Maybe in the future this could lead to a rally or some kind of andolan so that OUR problems could be taken further and there would be equal number of clothes for Unhealthy as well as Healthy people… how long can a photographer be with a mobile camera? they will someday go for a SLR! I think i made my point clear!


Clothing companies and skinny people: you’ll think I am being sizeist, aren’t you’ll?


Saw this pic here,
Saw this pic here,


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2 thoughts on “Being Sizeist…

  1. Ashmita, thank you for your post. This is a touchy issue and I completely agree that different clothes should be available for different sizes. As women, we should promote healthy diet, exercise, healthy mental outlook and self-confidence. There are certain clothing companies in the US that do cater to bigger sized women (Torrid) and then they are ones that cater strictly to the smaller size (Victoria Secret). This is a free country where at times money and trend rules, and companies make decisions based on business not ethical value.


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