Lust List: Glitter

Call it the Pinterest obsession – that  has made me crazy and make me fall in love with all the food they have on their site and also all the other things like dresses, shoes, bags etc… It’s the best place to plan your wedding outfits, wedding designs, home interiors, jewelry,  footwear, work outfits, casual outfits, DIY’s and many more things virtually.  Most of my lust list are inspired from Pinterest and this one is totally from Pinterest.


Final Lust List 1

1. Vivi Glitter Ballet Flats – Ann Taylor: These are ballerina shoes. One of my favorites in gold looks simply amazing. I do wear flats with a hint of bronze, silver and gold. So this is for me!

2.  Beige Sabyasachi Glitter Sari worn by Rani: Sabyasachi is my favorite. Rani Mukherjee is my favorite. So the bong connection has to click somewhere, right? Well a sari is very close to Bengali’s and I am no different. This beige color sari with the red border and golden detailing is just so much Sabyasachi.  Fell in love!!!

3. Glitter Eye Shadow: I am not an eye shadow person. Call me nerd if you want to but I do have my specs on all the time. This glittery eye shadow is attractive and I would like to have it on my eyes for sure.

 4. Glitter Nails: Glitters everywhere! I am again not the types who has attractive nails but who doesn’t want long nails huh? If I have long nails ever, I am so getting this done on them!

5. Gold Owl Flats: You know what defines me? Quirky Accessories! I love quirky accessories. They are just so me! And this Gold Owl Flats is calling out for me. I see it – I grab it!


Girls – you’ll are still not on pinterest??? What the hell are you‘ll doing??? THIS is the link to my boards and pins on Pinterest! Do visit and follow! By the way there is a small surprise that I might be disclosing in a few weeks. Keep looking for the Surprise!

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