The Lust List: Shades of Gray

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Browsing through Pinterest always makes me lust after a few unaffordable things. These are something’s that caught my eyes this time. There are people like my ma who thinks Gray is not a color. On the other hand I am so obsessed with gray that I would love to have a gray and lavender wedding. Well it all started one late evening when I was looking for some good reads and found out a book called Fifty Shades of Grey, and my obsession for grey or Gray begun since then.


Why Gray gets a place in my lust list? Well for starters its Gray – means it’s hot and lustful. Secondly the monsoon and the grey skies make me write this.


This the lust list of the week,

1. Prada Gray Handbag: Gray has always been a rich color and this handbag is so on my lust list. I see it, I grab it!

2.Matte Gray Nail Polish: Nail polish with a matte effect looks brilliantly classy. I haven’t seen a matte nail polish yet in the stores but if any one comes to know about it please do let me know.

3. Gray, Silvery and glitters eye shadow: These looks elegant. I do have a palette of gray eye shadows.  Maybe I should give this eye make up a try.

4. High Heels: I am not a girl who would go gaga over heels but yes I do have some elegant ones (I hardly wear them) this one looks really pretty. These will perfectly go with formals and casuals.

5. Gray Ruffle dress: This sudden craze in me for dresses is making my mom crazy. I am in love with this one though. The ruffle from the waist just looks astounding. Needless to say, that the dress is splendid, isn’t it?


Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Keep Surfing! Have a lovely week ahead!

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