Budget making for DSLR

Three years savings to be spent to shoot people! Well yeah you heard me right. I am going to shoot people with my 3 years savings. Canon EOS 1100D – is going to be my new BIG baby. I have been using a Canon Power Shot A495 which is still my first baby and I love it so much. My mom wants me to sell it off but I might just sneak it in somewhere but won’t sell it. Well, there’s still time for me to buy the big baby. It’s going to come to mamma (ME – of course who else you thought huh???) in the month of November. Actually I am planning to buy it on 1st November as it is Dhanteras. They say it’s good to buy new things that day. Camera counts Ii hope!


Obviously my mom still isn’t happy with the plan as she was expecting me to buy loads of Gold for my ‘imaginary wedding’. But I told myself, ‘either it’s now or never. Go for the Camera Mita’ and I have taken my decision.


The reason I am going for a Canon EOS 1100D is because;

  1. It fits my budget
  2. It’s a SLR for the newbie
  3. It’s Canon.
  4. I want the SLR anyhow!


Well I am a complete newbie to photography. But I want to learn it and click as good as these two bloggers whose pics I adore and almost drool on:

Ishita Di from IshitaUnblogged

Kellie from Le Zoe Musings


Obviously my budget doesn’t fit the camera that they use but I am sure I will get some tips from these two bloggers about photography. I am expecting to learn real photography from a TL at work and Kartik, one of my very good friends.


Well looking forward for November to come, so that I have my big baby in my hands. Guys please let me know some nice place to buy Cameras from, in Mumbai. I have searched Flipkart and they have some amazing offers but again Flipkart won’t have the same offer until November.




Keep blogging! Keep Clicking! Keep Reading! Keep Enjoying monsoon!

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