Don’t say a Word! Shhh!

Have you ever been in a situation where someone says, “Never go for a love marriage. You will end up spoiling your life.” or “Alcohol will kill you. Never drink alcohol.” Or “Don’t waste your money for this. I have done the same earlier. It’s a waste.” Most of us have heard this before from a friend, colleague, parents, parent’s friends, teachers, grandparents etc.  People give a lot of advices. I am in no way saying that they shouldn’t give advices or we shouldn’t take advices. But is a human a human if they haven’t done a mistake?


My dadu always says, “Do mistakes Mita. That is how you will learn and understand things. It’s not necessary to listen to your elders always. At times just don’t listen to what they say and do what you want. If you make mistakes you will learn, if you don’t they will learn from you.” I have always believed in doing mistakes. I have made terrible mistakes when it comes to selecting clothes, shampoos, friends, boyfriends…


Some people tell us what to do so that we don’t do the same mistakes as them (I know you’ll care for me but let me lead a wrong life that is how will know what wrong is). My mom says, “Even after knowing that you are doing wrong I can’t let you do it.” I agree to that, but it’s not like I drink without telling her. Not that I am getting all drunk and walking on the road. My mom has done the worst mistakes of trusting people, and because of which I have started to trust people rarely but at times I trust people who are Red Flags in themselves and I know and see it but what’s the harm in giving it a try.


My cousins tell me, “Mita, don’t fall in love till you are 25!” What!!??!! 25!!! Age!!!???!! Love doesn’t have an age criteria, does it? Imagine if you fall in love with someone deeply and you don’t approach the relationship because you are 24 and a half year old! Really!!???!! All my cousins have fallen in love before they were 25 and some of them got dumped before they turned 25, some dumped before they turned 25 and some married their lover before they turned 25. Here, my cousins have had their share of love at the age of 22 and 23 and they want me not to experience it! I don’t think love has an age and I won’t fall in love easily but still, no one in the world has the right to tell me when to fall in love. Isn’t the love relation between me and my future lover???


The other day an online friend told me, “Don’t drink much. It is not good for you. My friend used to drink a lot and he died!” Hell – that isn’t a reasonable point for me to not to drink. I mean I am not an alcoholic or something. I drink occasionally that too just one beer or two, that too with S (MY BFF). I agree that alcohol kills people, but doesn’t everyone have to die one day or the other. I have known people who never consumed alcohol, smoked cigarette or any other ‘BAD HABIT’ but still died at the age of 52. That’s too quite a young age to die. Might as well enjoy your life and die with no regrets. Obviously I am not asking you to drink every day after work – Avoid that, but occasionally, why not???

I don’t discuss my investment that I have planned for my first SLR. My mom doesn’t support the idea of me buying a DSLR with my one year’s savings. She thinks it’s a waste of money and I might rather buy some gold. Haven’t I have invested enough in gold already Ma? And it’s a new venture for me using the DSLR. We don’t discuss this at home because I haven’t taken permission from her; I have INFORMED her about my decision. However, yesterday she told me, “Mita, one of my colleague told me yesterday that buying a DSLR is a waste of money. He also said that asked me to STOP you from buying it. When I told him that you have taken the decision, he said ‘Aren’t you the mother. It should be your decision’. I guess you should rethink about the DSLR.” The man who said this to my ma owns a DSLR himself. He is in fact a professional photographer. And he is tired of Cameras because of his busy schedule. Imagine such a man telling me not to buy one because he is TIRED and thinks I will be tired too. How does it matter to him? In fact how does it matter to anyone?


Why should one care what the society says or rather why should the society care for others? Maybe it’s a mistake that someone’s doing but haven’t you made mistakes yourself? I really pity the people who haven’t done things because people told them their experiences and asked them not to do something.


Again I would want to clear I am in no way asking anyone to go against their parents or revolt or do something abruptly but again you have a mind of your own and things can be taken care of rationally, right?


Well after the camera let’s go for a laptop! By the way fellow bloggers and photographers and readers with a sense of photography please suggest me some good models. For me it’s either Nikon or Canon – and I am a complete newbie in photography, so please suggest. You know where to drop a mail at: Advices, suggestions, complaints and compliments all accepted.


By the way in case I haven’t given my Pinterest link yet, here’s the link: Pinterest Profile.


The perfect image i  was looking for!
The perfect image i was looking for!


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