Vellvette BAG June 2013

I got up at my usual time yesterday (3 p.m. IST) and checked my phone. There was a missed call. I returned the call back and realized it was the courier guy who bought my Vellvette Box. He informed me that he has given the parcel to my neighbor. I jumped off my bed and went to my neighbor’s door and rang the bell once – no response! Twice – No Response! Thrice – No Response!


Finally with a broken heart I went and got ready for work. I had sometime before leaving for work and I thought of giving my luck one more try and rang the neighbor’s bell once again. And finally the little girl who opened the door seemed as an angel to me. She smiled at me and handed me the parcel. I didn’t feel the parcel right. I looked at her again and again at the parcel. It didn’t feel as a box!


Well I was right, it wasn’t a box but a bag this time! I finally had the Vellvette June Box Bag in my hand. The pink colored utility bag was the star of the evening. It is too convenient for me. I was about to buy one this month as my old one got too used! Vellvette darling you saved my money! (Even though I am not a Pink Person, but I love this Bag!)


There was a jute potli in the bag. Well without running more around the bush let’s directly take you through my bag.


The three products this time in my box bag were:


– Just Herbs Summer Essentials Kit (the Jute potli had this)

– LA Splash Glitter Eyeliner – Pacific Ocean

Toni & Guy Daily Style Conditioner


I am really eager to use all three of them this weekend. I might have a glittery dinner with the girl friends this Saturday. (Eager – Eager!)


Made the below collage of my Vellvette June Bag!


Vellvette June 2013 Collage

Final Signature



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