Sweet Deprived Bengali

I am from the family of healthy teeth. But I am also from the family who are one of the biggest foodies. Now when both of these clash, Food Wins! Well I have this sudden pain in my teeth. I know the reason. It’s the sweets, chocolates and ice-creams that have caused this.

My mom has given me strict warnings to say No-No to all the above mentioned things! Haaa!!! How can a Bong survive without sweets? I was born as a foodie and with a sweet tooth! How can a mother be so cruel and ask her only daughter (and the only one in the house who has a sweet tooth) to say no to sweets.

I floss my teeth everyday! Still tooth ache!!??!! You know the pain is like someone drilling a nail in your gums. Yeah it is that painful. She also made RULES in the house (just for me) –


No Sweets – No Mishti – No Rosogulla (Bah!!!)

No Chocolates – No Dark Chocolates – No Diet Chocolates – No white chocolates!

No ice creams – No Cassatas – No Kulfis

No Cold water – No Ice – No Cold Drinks!

No Cakes!

Most importantly, No extra sugar in subah-subah ki chaiii!!!


A Dentist is better than a Bong Mom who thinks a tooth ache means SOMETHING REALLY BAD! I am sure I have to go through a Root Canal, which is 100 times worse than a tooth ache. I know it hurts… But still I have to follow the rules!


Donuts from MOD
Donuts from MOD


Well I am all set to go to sleep and dream of sweets that I can’t have… Is this PERMANENT? O can’t be! What about Durga Puja that is in October? What about the Diwali? What about Ganapati Modaks? What about some weddings that would take place? What if I get married? Hawwww! No way am I getting married without having sweets!



Keep Blogging! Keep Reading! Keep Liking! Keep Eating Sweets!

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