The Lust List: Passionate Red

Red Lust List


You know that feeling when you feel all worked up and all you need is a long vacation alone? That’s what I am going through right now. I want to be in some place like Miami or Goa where I can walk around in my shorts and loose T-shirt, have a beer in my hand and yummy sea-food and I can roam the entire city in my flat chappals. However, both the places are not on the cards this year.


So today’s lust list Red. The color of passion has gotten into me completely. I am not sure why but yet it has.


1.       Red Nail Polish: I have seen the Red Nail polish on many girls and I keep wondering if it would suit me. My skin tone is dusky. I might just give it a try this month.

2.       Red Sling Bag: I have been for hopping today with my mom for brother’s college bag. I happened to see this really gorgeous red slingbag. It was small and funky at the same   time organized.

3.        Red Ballerina shoes: I am not a very red person but at times it’s kind of cool to change your attire for a few days.

4.       Little Red Dress: Not exactly little, but knee length. I am again not sure if red color dress would suit my skin tone. But what’s the harm in trying it once.


Monsoons have hit India bad this time. I am sure it’s all over the news that you must’ve noticed. I like monsoons from home though. Mumbai monsoons are worth a watch. Obviously you have to minus the traffic, potholes, no public transport puddles all over.

Do let me know how’s the Monsoon in other cities in India… You can mail me at: or drop a mail at my Facebook Page.


Also would like to share the link of the new blog started for the entire series of ‘The Runaway Writer’.

Here is the link. Do read it and follow it for updates on Maya. 😉


Keep enjoying Monsoon! Keep Blogging! Keep Reading! Keep Sending in love!

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4 thoughts on “The Lust List: Passionate Red

  1. I was very curious as I have a fetish for Red but on others, not on myself. I am just not confident of carrying the colour. To the extent that even during my wedding, I didn’t wear the traditional Red sari but a beige one! Love the name – ‘The Runaway Writer’!


    1. Thank You so much Ishita Di… I hope you like the story too…
      About Red… I keep on staring like a maniac at girls when they wear anything in red… and i don’t know know if it would really suit me! (no harm in giving it a try – why are trial rooms for!!??!! 😛 ) Have a lovely day!!!:)


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