Chapter Two

Maya was broken at that time; she knew that she might never see her Kolkata again, never see her home, and never see her friends… Shiv brings her coffee and informs her that her bags are all organized and kept in his room. Maya goes to his room and look at the bags, which were perfectly organized… it was all dark as it was Kolkata and load shedding was a common trend. Shiv just moves the curtain letting the early morning light enter his room…


Maya then realizes that Shiv’s body is none the less than any Greek God’s body… she could feel the jittery in her stomach… the moment Shiv looked at Maya he understood what was going on her mind… and he just came closer to Maya and touched his lips to hers… slowly Maya could feel his hands exploring her body. He slowly moved his hands through her back reaching the back of the neck… in the meanwhile he didn’t move his lips from hers… they enjoyed kissing each other… she could smell his strong perfume that made her crave for more… just when his hands started to touch her bare body, her phone rang and it was her BOSS- the author: Joydeep Bhattacharya… the moment was certainly disturbed… Maya answered the call. Her boss was calling her as he wanted to make sure that she is leaving Kolkata today… Maya was standing near the bed and she was speaking to her boss but Shiv was just looking at her body that was yet to be explored… he couldn’t move his eyes from her… he noticed her smile, her eyes, her body, her hair, he was just looking at her and while she went to the balcony to speak on the phone, Shiv half lied on the bed and waited for her to come. He heard, “bye” and he was excited… Maya came back… and had that seductive smile of hers when she saw Shiv was already half lied on the bed… she now knew what was in his mind… she sat next to him and told him, “I can’t do what you are expecting, not that I don’t want but I just can’t…” before she could even say the next word, he just wrapped his arm around her slim waist and pulled her closer… he turned around and was almost on her and started kissing her again. She couldn’t stop him but was happy just with the kisses… he then opened her hair, that was a turn on for any guy… he slowly moved his fingers on her waist and his fingers slowly travelled on her waist slowly moving her t-shirt… her soft skin was tickled with his rough hands… she opened her eyes and was looking into his eyes, which was so intense and so deep that she could almost fall in LOVE with him… and here she just said, “buss Shiv!!!” and just turned her face… Shiv was shocked as it was all going so well… he went to his side of the bed and asked her with an effort to talk with a heavy voice, “what happened?” Maya’s eyes were filled with tears and she said, “this wouldn’t work… it would get complicated… ” he didn’t say a word… stood up, straightened his t-shirt… came to Maya’s side and kissed her on her forehead… and said, “I’ll make you some breakfast and then you can just freshen up and we will make a move to the station… it’s a big day for you…” he gave his cute Bengali smile and then went towards the kitchen… Maya knew very well that he can’t cook at all and hence she joined him in the kitchen and then asked him to freshen up and she will make the breakfast for them… he just did as she said and rushed towards the bathroom for a shower… she made them a nice luchi  (Puri) and potato bhaaji… this was the typical Bengali breakfast that was a part of every alternate houses in Kolkata… she opened the fridge as she knew Shiv loves sweets in the morning with his breakfast… she saw there was a box full of sandesh, the Bengali sweet… she arranged the dining table for them. She was stunned to see him in the white t-shirt and the perfect light blue jeans… she knew this was the best combination when talking about fashion…


He smiled back at her and said mockingly, “hmmm looks like someone has done lots of hard work to impress me” and she just laughed back and said, “yeah right!!!” they savored the breakfast. It was just one hour for her train to leave and they were all set to leave… he arranged Maya’s entire luggage in his Tavera… and they were all set to go… they reached the station and the train was about to arrive in the next ten minutes… Shiv informed Maya that he has deposited around twenty five thousand in her HDFC bank account and also kept ten thousand cash in her bag for the journey… before Maya could say anything he just gave her a tight hug and said, “if you ever happen to write a novel, don’t forget to mention me in it…” she hugged him back and said, “will you come to meet me in Mumbai?” and as they parted from the hug he said, “yes of course, only if you promise me that you will give me a kiss every time I come to meet you…” she gave him a sweet slap on his face and said, “I’ll miss you…” they both again hugged each other as they both knew that this would be their final meeting…


Shiv and Maya were friends since childhood and used to share every single thought… they did most of the pranks together, they cried together; they were indeed best friends, who just tried to make out some hours ago…


The train arrived and the coolie they hired boarded the entire luggage in Maya’s compartment… Shiv gave her a visiting card and said, “That’s Mrs. Stella Andrews’ address, contact her once you reach there she will arrange for your accommodation…” the train made the loud sound which meant DEPARTURE… and finally the train departed…This is how she left Kolkata, her native place, her home…



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