Chapter Three

Back to the present, she was walking on the new road, to be explored in Pune and she had no idea as to where the road will take her… while she was listening to songs on her I-pod, she felt a vibration in her shorts’ pocket and she realized it was her blackberry that just vibrated… she saw it was a ping from a guy she once met on a vacation to Goa… she pinged him back… the guy asked her through the Blackberry messenger, “Hey Diana gave me your BBM pin… how are you?” she replied back saying, “I am good… a bit busy at the moment. Will talk to you when I am free… you take care…” she hated when people disturbed her while she was busy thinking something for her next blog post… finally something struck her mind and she took an U-turn and started walking back to her apartment… she could see a few men eying her, maybe because of her shorts which was really short… she really didn’t care… once she reached her apartment, she went to her study room where she usually writes her blogs and articles for different newspapers…


And the first word she typed on the Microsoft Word was “LOST”. She knew what she was about to write. And there she was totally engrossed in her blog post… the only reason as to why she used to blog was because she was getting paid for it. She is not the types where a girl will write blogs because she felt good, but she wrote it because she gets a nice handsome amount by her Publisher…


Talking about her publisher, Ganesh Prabhu, the typically bossy creature and one man Maya hates not because he is bossy and arrogant but because he never likes her work and always give her less than the agreed rates for her writings… well let me now tell you that Maya is obviously not 21 now. She is going to celebrate her 28th birthday in the next 2 months.


She started writing her article and the word she chose was LOST… Ahh I have mentioned that before, anyway, she didn’t knew what she is going to write? She didn’t knew what she should write but she chose the first word and now no matter what she will write on it… she finally wrote a nice 1000 words article on LOST and was satisfied, because she knew that even if nothing, Ganesh would pay her at least rs.4 per word. “GOD! I wonder how they get Rs.7 per word?” is what she always said when she heard someone saying their rates for per word…


Her blackberry rang and there he was ‘Mr. Prabhu’. Maya answered the call “yeah Ganesh?” Ganesh as always spoke in the rudest tone, “You done?” Maya told him that she is just mailing it to him in the next 10 minutes after doing a bit of editing. Ganesh said abruptly, “Editing is my job.  Keep that to me. 5 minutes!” and CUT the call was over!!! Maya, a boss of herself sent the mail in 15 minutes and edited it in the way as Ganesh would have done it. And then sent him a text saying: “SENT TO YOU and HEERAL.J” About Heeral, she was the one above Ganesh. Ganesh being dominated by Heeral was a delight to Maya’s sight. She loved it. Yeah, she is indeed very mean!!!

Maya was done with 15 articles a week and this was just Friday, which means weekend, has started for her. She went to her kitchen looked through her fridge and then came out with some chicken and planned to make some chicken sandwich for herself. While making the sandwich she felt like having a beer, but unfortunately she was out of stock. She kept her sandwich, wore a jeans and snatched her debit card from her purse and left. She was lucky enough to have a nice restaurant just near her apartment. She ran into them and asked for two Kingfisher Strong, She was habitual to the looks and hence ignored it. She took the bottles went back home and there she was enjoying her weekend!!!


Maya was not at all a socialite. She hated parties and dinners with her office colleague or friends. She once went to a party when her fellow writer Shiba forced her; she ended up being at Manori Beach all by herself with a beer bottle. She is a loner and loves spending her weekends all alone in her apartment. There’s just one person with whom she can just be the way she is. This one person is Shubhro!!!  He is not her guy. But he is one friend whom she can consider as a best friend.


Shubhro was homosexual and he and Maya shared similar thoughts because, Maya loved buying her clothes as the most elegant ones and Shubhro had the best taste in female clothing. She met Shubhro when she used to work with Joydeep Bhattacharya. Shubhro and Maya both had a crush on Joydeep. Joydeep was exactly like the image of writers we have in our mind. He was all time nerdy. He was this typical shirt and jeans wearing guy with a shabby beard and specs to complete that nerdy writer look of his. He appointed Maya for the fact that he thought Maya would be the nerdy literature student with discipline and strict values. But Maya was the exact opposite. She was a scholar no doubt but nerdy; Naaah!!! She was anything but nerdy. She was an anti social person but her personality would be a magnet for any man.


Maya while having her beer took out her album and started having a look on the old photographs.  And there was a time when she just stopped. For a moment she thought: “Am I drunk?” then she nodded her head and just smiled looking at the picture in the album. The picture was Shiv and Maya’s Durga Puja snaps in Kolkata. It was a really old picture and Maya could see herself as a teenager. She smiled looking at the photo and didn’t realize when she went to sleep.



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