Chapter One

There she was sitting in her small apartment, that she called ‘home’, with her laptop and was confused as to what to type… she wanted to write on something, something that would fascinate her… but she was going through her Writer’s Block… she decided to go out for a stroll… she was already in her shorts and t-shirt, so she got up grabbed few cash from her wallet and stuffed it in the shorts’  pocket and then pulled her headphone and inserted it in her mobile and played her favorite playlist, wore her cute blue chappals that went well with her blue t-shirt and white shorts… she tied her hair up and started walking down the stairs…
Though she had the perfect hour-glass figure, but still she thought she is a bit bulkier on the hip and the love handle area and hence she preferred walking whenever she had time… she always chose stairs than the elevator. She walked down the seven storied building… she then decided to take the new road that she had never explored… she was certainly not new in Pune but she was not quite familiar as well… she has been in Pune since the last three months now… before this she was in Mumbai for five  years.


Maya was used to Metropolitan Cities like; Mumbai and Kolkata… and now it was Pune which is the eight largest Metropolis cities in India…


Let’s give you’ll a brief background of Maya… but I won’t be giving you the entire background of hers in one go… it would be in bits and pieces… Maya was a typical Bengali girl from Kolkata who learnt Bharat Natyam and Rabindra Sangeet since childhood… she was obviously not asked if she wanted to learn these things but then it was a compulsion in Kolkata… she had to learn it no matter what… she spent her life learning different co-curricular activities… she was bound to cook good because she was a Bengali GIRL!!! She had to keep her hair long till her knee, again a Bengali criteria… Maya was frustrated with her SO-PERFECT life!!! After high school she decided that she will study Literature… her dad was not very happy and told her that, “Maa, you are supposed to study Engineering like all your cousins!!!” Maa is the way Bengali elderly people address the young ones out of love… Maya said, “Baba, I will do English Literature, no matter what!!!” her dad was helpless and then gave her the permission.


This was the first time when Maya stood for herself… she took a decision for her… she graduated in English Literature and was very happy when she scored the highest in her final year exams… though she didn’t see that happiness and excitement in her parents eyes but then she had no option but to listen to her heart… she then decided to get a job that would match her qualification… she finally got an appointment letter from an author. Her designation was, Asst to the Writer… she was more excited. She informed her parents about the job profile and they smiled… she then broke the ice and informed them that the writer lives in Mumbai and she would have to go there… her parents strictly said NO!!! She then decided to just go away!!! And there she was on the Railway Station with her train ticket and four big luggage!!! Her friend, Shiv Chatterjee had helped her a lot… she used to export few things on everyday basis and Shiv used to take the things from her and keep it at his place. Slowly and gradually she emptied almost her entire room and accommodated her 21 years in four big bags…


One bag out of the four was full of novels… Maya loved reading… the second bag was full of foot wears, handbags and different accessories like belts, junk jewelry, big junk bangles… she loved gathering all sorts of them… in fact there were times when she first bought the foot wears and then went hunting for a dress that would go with it… the third bag was full of her casual t-shirts and shorts, jeans, semi-casual wears, formal wears and a few saris and yes how can I forget her designer lingerie… and the last bag was full of the other things like her cosmetics, coffee mug, perfumes, camera, handy cam, DVD’s, I-pod, and other useful things… it was early morning when she left her home in Kolkata and stepped out of her house knowing that there is no entry again once she leaves… she still left with tear-filled eyes to Shiv’s place. Her train was scheduled in the next 6 hours… it was 4 o’clock then. And she rang Shiv’s door bell who lived just 5 bungalows away from Maya’s home… he opened the door, welcomed her… he looked at Maya’s big seductive eyes that was filled with tears and was red. He held her tight and said, “You are doing the right thing. This is what you want. Go for it.” Maya hugged him tightly and Shiv could feel the warmth of Maya against his chest… he hugged her back knowing that he might never see her again…



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