Chapter Nine

Her eyes open wide now! What was it she thought? That was a horrible sound of something. Woahh! Again she heard the sound! No wonder, it was the doorbell! ‘It was nasty’ she thought and added to her mental note a new doorbell. She jumped off the bed and straightened her hair and ran to the door to find a pizza delivery boy at the door without the uniform but casuals. She took the pizza and asked him for the bill. He laughed and said, “hey Maya! I am Shubhro!” she liked him already. She asked him to hop in and asked about Joydeep. She was upset when Shubhro said; he won’t be joining them for lunch. Shubhro got up hastily and rushed towards the door. Maya wondered: ‘are all the people in Mumbai weird?’ she asked him, “What?” “I forgot the beers in my car” he said and rushed back downstairs and was up again with just two tins of beer.


They were sipping their beers and having the pizza and talking about everything. In fact they realized that they have many common friends as Shubhro was in Kolkata for the larger part of his life. Then Shubhro told her, “Can I tell you something?” Maya instantly said, “Please don’t propose to me so soon.” He laughed and said, “Don’t want to offend you but, I would never propose to you.” Maya was offended already. She started thinking of things like: ‘Mumbai girls might be much hotter or maybe because I ran away from my home. Blah-blah-blah’ just then Shubhro said, “I am Gay. I love men just like you like them.” Maya felt awkward in the beginning but then thought, she might have a best friend in him.



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