Chapter Five

For a few moments, Maya went back in the past and thought of the early morning memory she had with Shiv. Shiv was getting high with the closeness of Maya. They broke the hug and he didn’t take too long to touch his lips to hers. Shiv and Maya closed their eyes and cherished the entire kissing moment. The moment was perfect. Shiv couldn’t resist himself from touching her and his hand went back to the waist tickling her and finally he could touch her skin. Maya felt a thrill all over her body, when his warm hands touched her bare skin. She wanted to stop him but she decided not to. She wanted him more and more. They stopped kissing each other and Shiv looked at Maya and said, “Will you be mine?” Maya smiled and told him, “I always have been yours.” She smiled and started walking towards the bedroom. Shiv cursed within: “God, she is amazing!!! I love you Maya” he followed her and when he entered the bedroom he saw Maya putting on some CD on the DVD player. He casually entered the room lied on the bed and asked her, “what movie?” she turned back and smiled and said, “don’t be too happy it’s not a porn…” this was Maya who didn’t think twice before saying anything. She turned on the TV and lay besides Shiv. Shiv just took her in his arms, she cuddled up with him and they both were looking at the TV while both were aware of the other’s presence and they were conscious of the body being so close. The movie she had decided to watch this night was nothing but, No Strings Attached.


“She must’ve watched this movie ample of times, but why was she watching the movie today?” thought Shiv. He asked her, “why this movie? We could’ve watched P.S. I Love you rather?” she turned back to him and said, “I know that we could’ve watched any other romantic movie, but I just want to tell you that I like you and you are my best friend, but I don’t want to be in a relationship with you. You know how bad I am when it comes to relationships and commitments. I am not influenced by the movie but you know I am scared of being hurt. I want to be with you but let’s keep it as Friends with Benefits Relation?” he said nothing, he looked down and bit his lower lips and looked at her again, “but if we fall in love then you won’t keep yourself back from accepting the truth?” she looked at him and smiled and hugged him and kissed his neck. He felt the jolt immediately.


He pulled her away looked at her luscious lips and in no seconds they were kissing each other. The moment was perfect. Suddenly from sweet and lovely kisses, it turned to real wild ones. Maya was the one who started taking out Shiv’s t-shirt. She thought: “if not now then never”. As they say, ‘it’s a woman’s world’ indeed here it is!!! Shiv was enjoying the wildness of Maya but he was wondering: “is she doing this because she is drunk? Would she behave normal when she wakes up tomorrow in the morning and find herself on the bed besides me?” Maya stopped as she couldn’t feel the passion from him and just looked at him and had that ‘WHATTT???’ expression on her face. Shiv said, “You sure?” and Maya gave him a wry smile and said, “Are you going to take it off or me?” he couldn’t resist her anymore and hence the winter night was no more chilling for them. Hugging became more intense and scratches were all the way on Shiv’s back. Cold night turned out to be a real hot one for them. They both wanted to kiss each other in small intervals of making love. Yeah Maya made love to Shiv and was drunk and tired. She slept. Shiv kept looking at her and hugged her when she was asleep.


It was 3 in the night and Maya opened her eyes and realized that there she was on her own bed but this seemed special. Clothes were lying everywhere. She turned on the bed and realized that Shiv wasn’t there besides her. She grabbed her own, while wearing the shorts she heard some utensil sound in the kitchen. She tied her hair up and went to the kitchen and saw him just with his shorts on and shirtless. She said to herself: “He is your best friend. Act normal.” “Hey? What you up to?” Maya muttered the words to Shiv and he turned back and said, “Making coffee. You want some?” She sat on the sofa by folding her legs and hugging herself and said, “Yeah sure! Why not!!!” and took the novel kept on the table next to her. She was looking at the novel as if she was looking at it for the first time. It was her own Pride and Prejudice’s copy. She had that blushed cheeks and was a bit nervous about what happened last night rather just few hours ago. She peeked into her bedroom to have a glimpse of the wall clock, yawned and said, “Dodo it’s just 3:20!!!” he looked at her while coming with the coffee towards her and gave that wicked smile and said, “Yeah I know. I wasn’t sleepy so thought of making some coffee. Why are you awake?” Gave the coffee mug to her, she started looking here and there and said, “I was feeling cold, so…” before she could even complete her sentence, she found him sitting next to her, wrapping his arms around her. She didn’t go back or stopped him as they promised that they would have the perfect Friends with Benefits relation. She cuddled up to him and was about to say something, just when Shiv pulled her on him and said, “last night you started it, today it’s my turn and started kissing her.” she relished the moment and felt his fingers going through her t-shirt, touching her back. The goose-bumps were too visible and he laughed at them and said, “Here? Or inside?” she didn’t say anything but enjoyed his touch. They made love again and this time they weren’t drunk.


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