How to Get over your Ex-Lover!


Few days back I saw a dream that I am making love to Bradley Cooper. Yeah it was hot and steamy and so real. It is simply normal for me to see such dreams with super hot men. Well I thought the dream would bring some good news, if not Bradley then something near or maybe someone a little far or let it be! Anyway, good and hot men are available only in three places: Movies, Novels and my Dreams!

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By the way this brings me to the topic of Break ups – AGAIN! Break ups are bad and even bad if it ends on a sour note. Well, all the break ups end on a sour note! It is worse when you don’t know whether you were being dumped or you dumped the lover. Imagine the suffocation! And what if you come to know that your lover is addicted to SEX and keeps banging people while you are not there with the lover!!! (Shit!)


Life can be mean most of the times, so yeah this one’s possible.

What should one do when going through a break up? Break the head of the one with you had your break up??? I wish that was an option… Unfortunately it’s not legal in India yet!


Laughter is the best medicine, they say:

Don’t laugh at yourself or at the ex lover but just laugh. Get together with your besties and have a night of laughter where you watch all of your favorite comedy movies together. Or just go to the nearest mall and have fun and let the laughter out. Do anything but just keep laughing. This will help you being happy.

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Reading is the best way out:

If you are like me who is an anti-socialite person just get back to your bed with a full energy novel to read. Please don’t select something like Fifty Shades or the Crossfire Series that will make you think of the ex-lover, rather read something more humorous like, Bridget Jones’ Diary or Harry Potter.

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Find a new hobby or relive the old one:

Usually when in a relationship people tend to put their hobbies on the backseat. During the time of breakup one needs to get some hobby on to forget the ex-lover by concentrating on something more serious. If you were a photographer earlier, then start clicking again!


Pamper yourself:

This one is one of my favorites. Gift yourself an expensive spa treatment to get rid of those unnecessary stresses of the break up. This will make you feel good and also rejuvenate your mood.



Spend time with Family:

Some times its family that gives you lots of support and love. Maybe the relationship that fell apart made you so busy that you couldn’t spend much time at home. Rekindle with your siblings, parents, cousins. Go out, have dinner or stay in and order pizza with some nice movies and lots of fun.


Maintain the Distance:

If you have friends in common with the ex-lover or you used to work at the same place, try to keep some distance for a few days so that you don’t hurt your emotions.

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Go to your favorite destination:

Have you considered a place as your favorite place? If yes, it’s time you go there and some ‘ME time’! It could be a beach, hill station, temple, park, and library anything! This reminds me that I don’t have a favorite place at all!!!


Be Adventurous:

Being adventurous doesn’t mean that it has to be water skiing or mountain climbing or something sporty. If you are like me who hates getting tired then you can try going to a new city altogether. Being adventurous and going to a new place for a couple of days won’t be that bad.


Stressed??? Have some Desserts!

Eating will help you heighten your mood. It is good to eat junk at times. During breakups, desserts and junk foods really help. It makes you feel young and on the go and will let you get over the break up mood.


Kisses Morning
Kisses Morning


Well I guess all these things would be enough for one to forget the ex-lover. One advice to all the people out there who are going through a break up, please follow the 21 Day Rule. It helps.


For people who doesn’t the 21 day rule?

Think of a goal. Say for example here, you won’t call or receive any calls from your ex-lover. Now, as the goal is decided, you have to follow this for the next 21 Days at a stretch. Whatever we do for consistently 21 days becomes a habit and our body and mind becomes habitual to it.


By the way, I never knew there is Addiction to sex in reality; I thought it’s only Daniel Cleaver who is addicted to sex.


Fuck Me!
Fuck Me!


Anyway have a lovely day


P.S.: Don’t go through a break up if it’s month end! It hurts more!


Keep Blogging! Keep Reading! Keep Eating!

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