Expectations from Fat People


One needs to have the balls to survive in the Indian Society if they are fat. Some people look at fat people as if they are the rarest of species. I am a Sizeist. I judge thin people like they judge me. I believe in Tit for Tat, and I do it most of the times. I love fat people, and when asked about my kind of guy – the list begins with “he should be Fat and Nice…” Yeah I am that much of a Sizeist.


thin n fat


I have seen people who think it’s a crime to be fat. Really??? Are we snatching others food?? NO! In fact we fat people always advice others to eat more and more and more. (We like Competition) Well, let’s get back to the topic and let’s see some expectations people have from us (the fat people) all the time!


Expectation# 1

 The Garbage Bin!

“Hey finish up my plate too…!”

If someone is full at dinner or lunch (someone here is Thin and Skinny people), they simply look at the fattest person in the group, give a puppy smile and say, “Will you have the rest??? Please!!!”

When people can’t have the entire thing on their plate, why the hell do they take it anyway? We, the fat people believe in not wasting food and hence we eat it, but come on STOP EXPECTING this from us ALL THE TIME! WE are human too and we are FULL as well at times (rare but true!)


thin and fat


Expectation# 2

Cover me up!

“Oye, you in the front please adjust your position so that the teacher can’t see me here….”

If there is a skinny person sitting in the last bench of the classroom and a fat person sitting just in front of them, the skinny one will ask and expect the fat one to cover them up while they are texting, talking or sleeping.

Well skinny people, we are PEOPLE too, not walls or pillars. We didn’t grow fat to cover you up.


thin n fat 1


Expectation# 3

Pick up the heavy things please, will you?

“Hey can you please bring the 10 kg Rice up the stairs?”There is always your mother or siblings who are not that fat as you and will ask you to bring the heaviest of stuff up the stairs.

We, the fat people are expected to be strong enough to carry the heaviest of household thing. We almost arrange all the heavy stuff at home from lots of grains in the month start to shifting the bed to spread the bed sheet, still the skinny people would say, “We can’t expect you to pick up the weights at the gym!!!” – Dear skinny people we pick up more than that every Effing Month!!!


thin n fat 2


Expectation# 4

Be the audience…

“Hey I have a dance competition next week at school, why don’t you come and cheer for me?”

‘Well yeah, bitch I am going to be the audience to cheer you up for doing pathetic steps!’ Most of the fat people would never say that on the face (we are too good to be true – maybe all those cupcakes over the years have made us so SWEET). Skinny people usually will ask a fat person to be the audience, because – one, we occupy a lot of place and second, they think we can’t dance. Well some of the best dancers and choreographers are the ones who wear XXX L and eat extra cheese in burgers.


My two favs - Vidya Balan and Geeta Kapoor
My two favs – Vidya Balan and Geeta Kapoor


Expectation# 5

Laughing stock…??? Not always baby…

“Hahahaha… It was so funny when that fat person fell on the road and was unable to get up.”

“Didn’t your parents or school teach you something known as HUMANITY?” Well actually this is the most funniest but the saddest part that people usually crack jokes at our cost. At times its fun to see people smile, but when it goes off limits the fat person explodes and explodes ROYALLY.


fat angry man

Well these are the most common expectations that people expect from me. Hell yeah, they do, but unfortunately I am not the types who would fulfill ANYONE’S expectations… I am sure there are many such fat people like me and Bridget who have people in life who expects more than these from them!!!


Most lately, I haven’t been able to write as much as I used to. It is just lack of sleep, too much of boredom at work, unnecessary Facebook games and useless texting that has kept me away from blogging.


P.S.: Bridget as in Bridget Jones!!!



Keep Blogging! Keep Reading! Keep Eating! Happy Monsoon!

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3 thoughts on “Expectations from Fat People

  1. Loved this. Have gone through your blog, and read a few things and I like the way you write! Coming from a fellow ‘fattie’ props!


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