Tales from Three Cities


Tales from Three Cities: Three Stories, Different Message!

Today, I am presenting three short stories for the WordPress’s Daily Prompt: Weaving the Thread.


Self-Help is the best Help

Maya was sitting by the beach with her novel and songs playing on her I-Pod. She looked around, when she heard a thump sound. She saw a small boy crying and assumed that he must’ve fell from the cycle that’s fallen besides him. No one was there to help the boy, she waved towards him and said, “Do you need a hand or you can manage?” He looked at her blankly and said, “Obviously I need help. Can’t you see that I have fallen down?” She smiled and said, “the reason I asked you this is because eventually in life, you will face difficulties, through which no one can take you out. In the future, it’s only going to be you and you.” The boy looked at her, appalled. Maya smiled and said, “So now you tell me, do you want a hand or will you manage?”

The boy looked at Maya, then at his own condition and said, “I better get up myself rather than depending on anyone. Thank you so much.” Maya smiled and saw the boy getting up by himself and started reading her novel. The boy left by waving her and yelling ‘Thanks’ again. Maya took out her laptop and opened her Word Document that said ‘What have I done?’ and marked it as:

‘101. April, 7th, 2013:  Taught a boy not to be dependent on anyone in Arambol Beach, Goa

She kept the laptop back in her bag, kept the novel and junked in the I-Pod. She carefully kept the entire bag on the table nearby, and with the support of the table stood up, took her crutches and balanced herself and then took the bag on her shoulder and started walking towards the cab that’s waiting for her.

Maya lost her left leg in an accident. She waited at the accident spot for more than two hours for someone to come and help her. No one came to help her. She then remembers nothing and later came to know that she was unconscious when someone took her to the hospital. She lost her left leg, as there was an infection that could be cured in the two hours that she wasted on the roads waiting for someone to help. Since then she decided, she will teach the world at least the least part of them to help themselves, rather than waiting for help.


Inseparable Souls

Amy and Kathy were two inseparable souls. They were together since kindergarten. They got separated after High School, when they had a big fight at the prom night. They promised to never see each other ever again. Amy was the name given by Kathy to Amanda Claire Jones who was the Prom Queen in the year 2003. Kathy also known as Katherine Rachel Brown was the fatter one of the two. The fight wasn’t on the Prom Queen Title. Kathy always wanted Amy to win the Prom Queen and she was happiest in the room when the Prom Queen was announced. She was happier when she heard the name of the Prom King – it was her crush Matt also known as Matthew Simon Steele. She hugged Amy and smiled at Matt who was waiting for the dance with Amy. Kathy and Amy loved each other a lot. But one mistake from Amy and the friendship was broken into pieces.

Kathy received a mail that night with an attachment. When she opened the attachment, she smiled as they were pictures from the prom night. After watching some of them, tears flow down her cheeks. There were pictures of Amy and Matt making out behind the High School Ground. Kathy was broken and shattered because she didn’t expect Amy to stab her on the back in this way. Amy knew very well that Kathy had a crush on Matt.

Kathy read the mail, it said, ‘Now you know the Truth!’ She went to Amy’s house next morning and blurted out her anger. Amy didn’t say anything in her defense, just said ‘I am so sorry Kathy…’ Kathy slapped her and left her house instantly. Later that year, Kathy’s mother was transferred to Italy from the U.S. Kathy and Amy had no contact at all these years.

After all these years, Kathy was no more Kathy but, Katherine Rachel Brown – the editor-in-chief and founder of a well known Food Magazine in the U.S. Amy was no more Amy but – Amanda Claire Jones, the founder of a NGO for Women in the U.S. One morning, Kathy received an invitation for the Re-union of the batch – 2003 through the mail. Kathy wasn’t sure if she should visit the Re-union or no, but her beau William Dan Martin forced her to visit the re-union for old times’ sake. Kathy was sure that Amy would be there and she was still mad at her. Amy on the other hand when received the invitation was excited as she was hoping to meet Kathy after ten long years.

The venue was at one of the Beach Resorts in Miami Beach. The theme was Red and Black for women and men respectively. Kathy booked a room for two days in Miami and reached there a day before the re-union. She wasn’t ready to meet Amy after what Amy had done to her. Finally it was the evening of the re-union. Amy was still stunning in her hour-glass figure and looked gorgeous in her red shoulder less dress with red heels. The woman who was equally stunning that evening was Kathy in her Red Cocktail Dress. Kathy was still the same fat girl but this time she had the confidence to carry her Fats.

They both tried to avoid each-other but destiny had some other plans for them. They both were seated at the table. Matt was sitting opposite to their table. He had grown fat and had three kids already. Amy and Kathy looked at each other and had a formal smile. They both behaved civilized the whole evening. Then was the time to wrap up the evening and Amy went to Kathy and said, “Where are you staying?” Kathy turned to her and said, “I am on my way in an hour. How are you?” Amy smiled and said, “Come over to my place. We need to have a re-union and clear the air out.” Kathy wasn’t sure but agreed and called William and told him that she won’t be home that night but the next night.

After changing into her pajamas, Kathy was sitting in the drawing room. She looked around and heard Amy enter the room with two glasses of red Wine. They started with normal chat about their lives currently and after four glasses down, Kathy said, “Amanda, why did you do it?” Amy looked at her with tears in her eyes and said, “Will you believe me if I tell you the real reason?” Kathy nodded. Amy continued, “Kathy, the e-mail that you received was sent by me.” Kathy was stunned. She said, “I’m all ears. Go on.” Amy filled her glass in and said, “After the dance with Matt at the prom night, I heard him talking to his friends. He told them that he couldn’t nail me for a fuck as I told him that you really liked him. He wanted to make out with someone that night as it was a challenge among the boys in high school.” Kathy had tears in her eyes. Amy took a sip of the Rich Red Wine and continued, “I blamed myself because I told him that you like him and now he is going to ruin your life. I wanted to teach him a lesson. I knew that he wanted to go for medical after high school. So I told him that I wanted to make out with him, and we started making out in the grounds. I asked Emma from high school to click some pictures while we were making out. I never had sex with him Kathy.” Kathy was numb, she wiped her tears off, while Amy continued, “I then blackmailed Matt that if he tried to ruin your life, I will ruin his by telling the cops that he was trying to rape me. He was shocked and scared. He slapped me and then went away from there. That’s it. Nothing happened. I was still not sure if he would buy it or not so I asked Emma to create a fake id and send you the pictures so that if Matt approaches you, you wouldn’t agree as he made out with your best fr…”  Amy stopped while saying the word Friend. Kathy said, “Best Friend… Why didn’t you tell me this then? Why did you keep mum all these years? You could have told me this during the prom…” Amy was now crying and said, “I tried telling you but you were busy staring at Matt and I knew you wouldn’t believe me a dime.”

Amy and Kathy were both quiet and then hugged each other and cried. Next morning, Kathy and Amy had a big smile and they were best friends again. Kathy realized that she should’ve given Amy a chance to speak ten years back. Kathy asked Amy to be her Maid of honor in December.

At times all we need to do is TALK!

Happiness finds its way

‘You are cordially invited to the wedding ceremony of our daughter Uma Mukherjee with Daksh Ganguly. Please find the attached invitation. We expect your presence and blessings for our children.’ “Mom I want to go to the wedding. It’s a beach wedding. Which Bengali has a beach wedding! I want to go to Mumbai for Uma Didi’s wedding”, said Sayantani to her mother. Uma was Sayantani’s first cousin and was too excited about the wedding as it was the first Bengali Beach Wedding. It was unusual for Sayantani. Her mom agreed and decided that she will attend the ceremony along with Sayantani.

Sayantani, the 23 year old wasn’t the typical girl rather was the one of those who opposes arrange marriages. The wedding was in the month of May. It was going to be very hot in Mumbai warned her father and later booked the train tickets for Sayantani and her mom. They reached Mumbai three days before the wedding. The Mukherjee’s had booked a bungalow at Juhu Beach for the wedding. It was the spinster party that night when Sayantani reached. Uma wanted Sayantani to be a part of the Spinster party. There were two other cousins from the Mukherjee family and four friends of Uma. The night was hectic and the next day was the ‘Gaye-holud’ (Turmeric Ceremony). The entire Mukherjee family was tired and excited about the wedding. Last moment goof ups were the part of this wedding as well.

It was a pleasant evening; Sayantani had gone to the beach for a walk. She stood in front of the wedding mandap that was being half-build. Sayantani had always dreamed of a beach wedding and she thought it would never happen in Bengali weddings, but here she was attending an arranged marriage with a theme that was very unique in itself. Sayantani went back to the bungalow and was looking at the chaos and smiled and thought, “Though, they all know that Uma Didi will leave tomorrow but yet they all are so excited. Look at Uma Didi; she has the bridal radiance on her face. She seems so happy.” Sayantani’s mother looks at her and realizes that her daughter is thinking something. She goes to Sayantani and says, “What happened to you?” Sayantani looks at her mother and tells her what exactly she is thinking. Her mother smiles, almost giggles and says, “the moment a daughter is born her parents starts dreaming about her wedding and happy life that is in waiting for their daughter. Why you think, me and your baba is always asking you to get married? I have already made a mental list of things I want to do in your wedding. I have the menus decided in my mental note and also the guest list.” Sayantani is appalled and keeps looking at her mom and says, “Ma, if this is the only one thing you expect from me, I am ready for it. But I want a beach wedding just like Uma Didi.” Her mom hugs her tightly with tears in her eyes.

Uma’s wedding was a blessing for Sayantani and within a year and half, Sayantani finds her dream man. She falls in love with a guy who is of her caste with a liberal outlook towards life and agreed for the beach wedding. Her parents were happy too. Sayantani had a grand beach wedding in a traditional Bengali way.

At times, we don’t want something very badly. But one would never know what would change their mind. One should always wait with a positive attitude and they sure will find their happiness.

This was my ‘Weaving the Thread’ post. The common thread here was ‘Beach’. Being summer, a thought of Beaches gives me pleasure and some relaxation.

Happy Blogging! Keep Reading! Keep Writing! Start Weaving!

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