This or That???


‘What’s in a Name?’ Shakespeare’s words are true but I don’t believe in this quote of his.


One thing that we are always proud of is our own name. Most of us love it. Though I know many people who don’t like their names as such, this is quite weird for me. I believe it’s your name that reaches places and makes you who you are.


There’s a small story behind my name. First of all, Ashmita isn’t the birth name. From nursery to class tenth my name was ASHIMITA… Did you find any difference??? No, right? Well that’s what my school admin had told me.  Well the difference is the ‘I’ between H and M. My birth name was Ashimita Chatterjee. I used this name till the age of fourteen. I realized it when I received my SSC board exams hall ticket that my name was misspelled as Ashmita. I spoke to the school admin and principal, they said, “It’s done now. One alphabet doesn’t make any difference.” My mom told me the same thing and later I had to accept my name as Ashmita.


However, the name ASHIMITA had a story behind it.



But first of all, let me tell my readers that my former name had no meaning as such, while my current name means – Rock born; Very hard and strong. This name is from the Hindu, Indian Origin and is commonly found in castes like Bengali, Kannada, Malayalam, Gujarati, Telugu, Tamil and Punjabi. A similar name is used by Marathi families but that name is ASMITA (meaning: Pride). Every name has different meanings, even though their spellings are almost similar. I got this name due to the carelessness of the school staff. However, very few people know that my actual name is Ashimita. Both are my names and I love them both, but I have used Ashmita only for the last 9 years, so I am a bit more attached to Ashimita.


This was about Ashmita, now let’s have a check on Ashimita!



Ashimita, as I said means nothing. Internet has no meaning for this name. In fact this name is very rare and hardly anyone has this name. The reason my parents decided to name me ASHIMITA is because of two major reasons.

One – My dadu (maternal grandfather) wanted my name to be on my dad’s name that’s Ashim

Two – My dadu (paternal grandfather) wanted my name to be similar to Sushmita as my first cousin’s name is Sushmita.

Now, my parents were in a chaotic state of mind. This was the wish of two old men of the respective families and none could be denied. My father been a very intelligent and diplomatic man decided to combine the two names and create a new name altogether and named me ASHIMITA.


this or that

Pic: Instagram


I had the most unique name in the family, society, kindergarten and school.


Well, this is all about my name, though Ashmita will be my name for the rest of the life but my life started with the name ASHIMITA, and I will never forget it. This name is as close to me as Ashmita.


Happy Blogging! Keep Reading! Keep Writing!

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