5 ways to lose a girl

The entire weekend was spent in reading Fifty Shades Freed. It is fun and exciting spending your weekend with the most handsome, richest and loving Christian Grey. Every time he says, ‘Laters, Baby.’ I can feel the butterflies in my tummy doing a salsa and my heart playing a sensual song and my mind imagining of Mr. Grey saying that to me.



Well today’s topic is neither my weekend nor Mr. Grey but it is –


5 ways to lose a girl


The Ugly Truth, the Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler starrer movie said about How easy are guys and we’ve read ample of articles on how to lose a boy? How to propose? And all the other blah-blah shit… Today, there will be one addition to all those weird posts like these.


If you need tips to lose a girl, here are 5 ways that will work very well for all of you.


Cancel on her

This works. You cancel a pre-scheduled date and poof – she will go away from your life FOREVER!

Girls have self-respect bigger than their… – heels, so if a guy cancels on a date, trust me she will never see his face again! Personal Experience – This works!


Talk about your super-hot co-worker

You want to test if women can be as cold as ice, then try doing this. She will smile and communicate with you while you are talking bragging about the super hot co-worker, but in her imaginations, she has murdered you 10 times and her 15 times. Also once you drop her back home or get her a cab, she will delete your number, un-friend you on Facebook, un-follow you on twitter and Instagram and block you on WhatsApp.

Women like being appreciated ALL THE TIME! Personal Note: Women are super extra jealous.


Talking profanity

Just because Christian Grey uses ‘F@#$’ when he is too upset or disturbed, doesn’t mean every guy will carry it the Grey does. This isn’t really a deal breaker, but in a statement of 10 words if you use seven swear words you have nailed it – you will lose her.

Girls like men who use profanity but maybe one word in two statements. Or who would use a swear word and then apologize.


Acting Superior

Act superior and you sure will lose her. Bragging about yourself is a BIG TURN OFF and if you want to lose a girl, praise yourself, and tell her you are better than her – in short, lie to her about your superiority. Tell her that you usually date a girl who is more attractive than her and you have a standard of dating. Showing your superiority means putting her down and she won’t like it at all.

Girls like men who are self-made, independent and stuff, but she wouldn’t like a guy who would brag about it.


Insulting her

If you have courage, go for it. If you really want to lose a girl, just insult her. Again ego comes in the picture – which is bigger than her …. You know what!!! Tell her how bad she cooks. Tell her how pathetic her new haircut was or just tell her she is fat. And bam! She will bang the door and leave you that very moment. (Yeah I had to use Indian-ism here to show that emotion)

Girls like the truth but not all the time. At times one can keep mum about the haircut or just say how good it looks.


So yeah these were the 5 VERY Effective way to lose a girl. And if you’ve made your mind to lose her then don’t change it after she has moved on.


P.S. If she really loved you and you tried all these or any one of these to lose her, trust me she will never get back to you. Choice is yours.


Happy Blogging! Keep Writing! Keep Reading!

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2 thoughts on “5 ways to lose a girl

  1. greats ideas. These are the Brahmastra while on a mission to lose a girl 😀
    unknowingly i have already committed these mistakes many times before. but i still haven’t lost them.
    yeah i have seen it with my friends…these are the reasons, their partner left them.


    1. Well in that case you are very lucky! as they say, exceptions are always there! you are an exception in this matter… 😛 😛
      Have a blessed day! thanks for your reply!
      Keep Reading!


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