Flormar Deluxe Shine Gloss Lipstick Review


Flormar Deluxe Shine Gloss Lipstick


After the tiny little heart-breaking news of Sreesanth and the spot-fixing, the only thing that made me smile and very happy was the May Vellvette Box. (Yess! I am was a Sreesanth fan. Not an IPL fan as such but yeah I found him cute. Y’all know my soft corners for southie guys 😛 😛 😛 )


I received my first Vellvette Box on Thursday and I was quite excited to get two full sized products. Who doesn’t like something full size at a much cheaper rate? Though I have never heard the brand’s name that I received but I personally loved the products.


I am more of the lip gloss and lip balm person more than a lipstick person. My personal favorite still remains the Maybelline Baby lips, but Flormar Deluxe Shine Gloss Lipstick wasn’t bad in the race. Though I am not sure why do they have ‘lipstick’ as the product name? It is more like a gloss.


Summers have hit Mumbai pathetically and people are really tired of it and waiting for the rains. Wearing a lipstick or as a matter of fact any make-up at all during summers is a nuisance. The one and a half hour journey from my home to office will wear the make-up off completely. I have so many lip glosses that at times I do forget about them.


I work in a place where there utter cold even in summers. The A/c at my work place will someday kill me of cold, but I really do like to be in a place that’s deadly cold. I can wear make-up and the summers won’t wear it off.


Shade – Dark Lilac (D40)

Dark lilac isn’t purple or lilac-ish. It is almost pinkish red. It is too visible even with one swatch. It suits my skin tone, so I would recommend this shade for people who have my skin-tone or fairer. (Tried the color on my mom who is two shades darker than me and it didn’t suit her that well. So…) It also smells like strawberry – and I really love that.


Texture – Gloopy

It sure has the gloss type texture. It has no shimmers like the L’Oreal Color Riche Le Gloss nor does it stays on the lips like Maybelline Baby Lips. I do find it a bit gloopy and that is not something I need in the summer. I cannot wear this gloss lipstick when travelling as it would not last and will have the sticky effect near my lips that would be irritating. I recommend this for people who work in a place like mine with too many a/c vents facing towards them and not for people who travel the whole day with the crazy sun and the viciously hot breeze and pollutions.


I like colors when it come to lipsticks or glosses or lip balms but it also needs to be moisturizing at the same time. Maybelline Baby Lips certainly doesn’t give me the color but it moisturizes my lips for a long period of time. Flormar Deluxe Shine Gloss Lipstick, first of all it doesn’t act as a lipstick with the texture but yeah the shade is like lipstick – dark, but again unlike lipsticks it is not that pigmented. I would like to wear this once I reach work and get a look at the mirror.


The full size I got is a 3g gloss. It has a cute black body which is very attractive.

It costs Rs. 700/- (sure that’s not a price for a gloss)


Would I buy it from the website?

Ahh well, I may not. I wouldn’t be spending Rs. 700/- for a gloss. But I would love to wear it to work every day.


Flormar Deluxe Shine Gloss Lipstick


Flormar Deluxe Shine Gloss Lipstick - Swatch


Score Card:





Value For Money



Pictures clicked through Canon Powershot A495

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