Revisiting my 2013 birthday celebration…

There is someone who has a complaint for me – about me! There is someone who thinks I have done injustice and have not been grateful enough. This Post was supposed to be for my BFF and it eventually turned out to be a depressing post about bad things that happened to me on my birthday night!


Shrabani Kolay, I am sorry that I couldn’t reach my gratitude to you properly. So, this post goes for you.


Revisiting my 2013 birthday celebration…


Who doesn’t like birthdays. There are some people who don’t like to celebrate their birthdays, but I have always been excited about my birthday. This year my birthday was a big deal, because my best friend, Shrabani Kolay gifted me 7 gifts for 7 years that we were friends.  I have described about the gifts in this post


I wasn’t expecting such a surprise and the best part was I hadn’t had the slightest of idea that she was planning this from almost 1 month prior to my birthday. She got it all organize fabulously. The most impressive thing that I haven’t told her yet is the way she ordered things from Flipkart. It’s a big deal for me because; she is one anti-technology person at times. And ordering things online is really not her thing. But she did it! Proud of You!


We are best friends for the last 7 years and there is hardly anything that we have not told the other, the moment it happened, but this time she could keep all this in her tummy and not say it out loud! I was touched looking at the arrangements. I was almost at the urge of having tears in my eyes but then thought that would be a bit too much! (Lol)


Overall, the 2013 birthday with Shrabani was because of Shrabani!


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3 thoughts on “Revisiting my 2013 birthday celebration…

  1. Ashmita, belated Happpy Birthday!!! 🙂 I did read all your recent posts, including this Birthday celebrations one & trust me you are one of the very few lucky person to have such a beautiful heart friend. Dont let her go any which ways, She is Very Special & So is Your Friendship! 🙂 All the related Birthday Pics were just Awesome! You were looking very nice, plus the day was special .. I could really sense that.. 🙂


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