Beer Night-Out

Well after a month or so I am writing again. I have had a laid back attitude all these days because of Summer Season. I hate the season as it takes out all the energy in me. Most of the days, I just survive on Glucon-D or Tang (Lime).  Saturday night was BFF and Beers night out. Luckily I and my BFF are the beer babes, which is cheaper as compared to Vodka, Tequila or any other Ohh-So-Expensive-Drinks! The entire Saturday night and a part of Sunday morning was spent in having beers. It all started in a much sophisticated way by having it from the glass and later the sophistication was just kept on the backseat and the original way of having beer took the front seat that is directly from the bottle. We – girls had thrown our heels and came out of the cocoon of the society and just drank like a fish (BIG FISH!)…


We always wanted to get drunk and be alone and no unnecessary tensions. When guys are around, alcohol and human beings turn out to be a more of Stupid Intimacy. At times, it’s better to be with just your Girl BFF and just let it go.


I read a book after getting drunk, listened to music, S danced while I was dancing while sitting. We spoke, cried, laughed… Craziest thing can be done after 4 bottles of beers down and no stupidity around. It’s Fun! The fifth bottle was obviously ‘gulp it down’ condition as the beer had become warm and then it was just sipping it down.


From all the Beer night outs I have had I can consider this one to be at the top of the list.


For the whole night!
For the whole night!


Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Keep Clicking! Don’t Drink Much!

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