That Girl…

I just turned 23 on the 7th of this month(happy birthday to me)… I  have always bewn away from the hype of a birthday. I am not the birthday girl at all. Why? Reasons unknown to me as well.

This year was different. I celebrated my birthday. There was a cake, gifts, lunch, dinner, surprises and unexpected events.

My best friend, Shrabani had arranged for 7 gifts for me for the 7 years of our friendship. I had no clue about it though I spent 9 hours a day, 5 days a week with her. She arranged the gifts and it was indeed a surprise. I didn’t expect her to arrange things so brilliantly. I was impressed.
7 gifts were as follows,
1. A Diary  – for my memory
2. An Ink Pen – for my  creativity
3. Beautiful Disaster (novel) – for  my fantasies
4. Cadbury Silk – for my cravings
5. Mug – for my addiction
6. Handbag – for my clutters
7. A musical moving photo frame – for me…

Amazing concept,  isn’t it?

I was amused, awed, happy, got emotional. But, no day can be a completely happy day, right? (For me at least).

When the clock struck 12 the night of 6th April, my ma and bhai woke me up from my sleep to wish me. I was fast asleep. I should have slept that night. I received texts from my friends, family till 1 in the night. At 1, my phone rang and it was my guy best friend.

He wished me. He was drunk and he made me feel that I am ‘THAT GIRL’. He literally broke my trust, made me cry and broke our 8 years friendship.

The night was horrible.

What’s ‘THAT GIRL’?
It is the type of girl, a guy wouldn’t want to introduce to his parents, friends, family… I am in no way trying to characterise girls, but THAT GIRL is a movie and novel concept, wherein, she is so modern that she might’ve given wrong signs to guys.

Lately, I would consider myself as THAT GIRL. Evidence in front of my eyes.

Anyway, there’s no point in shedding tears over a broken friendship and a broken heart. I am all set to be a proud THAT GIRL and live upto the term now.

Below are some pics fron Instagram from the Birthday surprise.


   These are the 7 gifts for 7 years…


              The birthday cake


       Reading the birthday card


            At dinner with family


    That’s mt best friend, over lunch

For now this is it. Too sleepy to write further. Posting through phone so can’t use the signature.

P.S. I was wearing my new black dress…


Till then ciao!
Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Keep being yourself!


10 thoughts on “That Girl…

  1. Ohhhhh did I miss your special day? What excuses can I think of? None…. oh no I was in a flight half the day (saved myself from disgrace!)

    Happy Belated birthday dear Sis! Love always:)


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