It’s all about Eating…


“What is it that a thin person can do and I can’t? Run? Work Out? Be Active? Well, it’s not that I CAN’T do all these; it’s just that I DON’T want to do it.”

-Ashmita Chatterjee


A guy at work keeps telling me, “Sweets are not good for you. The more you eat the more you’ll put on… not good for you…” Every time he tells me this I tell him in return, “Leave it! Who cares! I love eating and that defines me… :)”


This guy is a Credit Analyst like me and is really good with his job. He belongs to West Bengal but is not a Bengali. He thinks ‘Being Fat’ isn’t a good thing. Why??? Maybe because he knows he will never gain the weight he needs to.  Some people might think I am a ‘Sizeist’ because I love ‘Healthy’ people. I am not that attracted to Thin or skinny people. But in that case, aren’t the people Sizeists too who keeps telling a Fat person FAT?


I believe in Equality – Literally! Like most of the Bengali families my family never had the tendency of a Girl child or a boy child. My dadu loves my Pishi’s (Paternal aunt in Bengali) more than my dad and Uncles. I have hated Racism and Communism a lot. Being a Bengali Brahmin I have friends from all over the world and no one has a problem with it. I am born in a family where equality lives and hence, I find it strange when people discriminate PEOPLE with their sizes.


A friend of mine loves skinny girls and has had almost 6 girlfriends till date or maybe more and all of them were pretty skinny. He thinks FAT GIRLS can only be his friend! (No wonder I am JUST his Friend). I won’t say he is wrong or right. It is his perception. He has a right to choose the kind of girl he wants, no one stops him and no one would BUT on the other hand, he thinks the guys I like or have crushes on are usually (always) overweight and he has a problem with that. Technically, he shouldn’t because I don’t, but as they say people are more interested in other people’s life than their own lives.


Going back to the first paragraph, the guy in my office thinks like all the other people that I should reduce weight and dieting is a must for me.  Hmm Dieting for me means NOT EATING. I know, dieting means eating in small portions and healthy, but I know I can never do that. My Bengali genes would never let me do that; my Bengali conscience would never allow me to think about it. Can a Bengali ever think about a Sunday without Rice? Not in my family at least. Every Sunday is compulsorily a RICE DAY. We do make 4 times of meal a day (not including the in-between munches while watching TV, writing for the blog or doing nothing). And yeah every mean is a Royal meal, from breakfast to Dinner it should be perfect. We Bengalis are a bit down to earth and can happily survive on Dal, Bhaat and Aloo Bhaaté, but we also need our share of Fish and Non-veg at least thrice to four times a week. Now if people ask such a Culture devoted girl to leave the culture of eating good and delicious food, how will the girl survive?


I am a Drama Queen at times, but on a serious note; how can someone quit eating? My day begins with asking my ma, “What’s for breakfast?” and while she is just preparing the tea and we are waiting for the breakfast to be served me or my brother asks, “Ma, what’s for lunch?” My devotion for food and love for food cannot be taken away by a few people in the society who thinks I need to reduce. I agree to the fact that I need to reduce but at a cost of ignoring food? Not in my wildest dreams.


The love for food is in me since the time I was born (I suppose). My ma tells me that since a child I had this love for food. Initially when my parents were staying in a joint family, we used to have a grand dinner every day. Uncles and Aunt’s all used to sit in a circle and My Ma and my Boro Maa (dad’s elder brother’s wife – pheww) used to serve the food to everyone. I, on the other hand used to run across the circle and go to every single person present in the room and ask them to feed me food (actually fish and sweet). So you see my relationship with food was for a long time.


In short, no matter how much people say or taunt me about food or my size I would never leave it. However, the most important thing is, ‘One should be comfortable and happy in their own skin…’ and people who know me knows it how happy I am in my own skin. Dieting is not for Foodies!


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Keep Eating! Keep Blogging! Keep Reading! Keep Clicking!

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2 thoughts on “It’s all about Eating…

  1. Wow, here’s one who’s championing my cause of Aloo Bhaaté… ‘Keep Eating! Keep Blogging! Keep Reading! Keep Clicking!’ – we are on the right track:)

    Enjoying the evolving process of the blog – in terms of ‘good looks’. Thanks for the shout out!


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