Corporate Slave’s Diary: Five Things in the Handbag

I am one of those girls who loves herself more than anyone else. I love my skin, face, eyes, lips, hair, body – actually love everything about me. I can look at myself 1000 times a day and not get bored. Pampering my hair and skin is the first thing I do once I get my salary.


Well the above lines were something I just wanted to write about (nothing related to the post – really)


My handbag is more or less like a tourist bag. It’s huge. It suits my body. First time when people see my bag or hold it they comment: “What the hell do you bring in your bag???” Well I really don’t have the entire house in my bag but the weight of the bag is too much. (I am going to change it for sure)


There are five things that my handbag always has.



I am the kohl eyed girl. I need my kohl in my bag ALWAYS. I remember, once I tried to go office without applying kohl and people thought I am feeling unwell. I am currently using Maybelline Colossal Kajal. This one’s really that stays for quite some time. Initially it was even better, but these days I am a bit unsatisfied with it. I might try Lakme Eyeconic Kajal very soon. 10 hours smudge free is what they claim, so let’s see if that actually happens.


Lip Gloss

Gloss never stays on my lips for long as I have a habit of sucking my own lips (that sounds wrong). I have a habit of eating up my lip gloss (sounds better). But I need a lip gloss in my bag no matter what. My lips don’t like to be nude when they leave the washroom or the house or step out from the train. They have to have a coat of the lip gloss. I am currently using Maybelline Baby Lips. They are fantastic and addictive. It has no taste which is a good thing as it stays on my lips for a bit longer. It comes in vibrant color packaging. No colors but authentic gloss. I have also been using a coat of Elle 18’s color burst – Roasty Red or Mystery Mauve before applying the gloss for some colors.



I am a music person. I love hearing to the Radio on my way to and back from the office. Also another reason I need to have my earphones as at times when my day is bad I do have people in my vehicle that I hate to the core. I do get a home pick-up and drop. It’s really a good getaway from the stress you had at work. Just tune in to some of your favorite radio channel and keep listening to songs.


Moisturizer and Sunscreen

I have a skin that has a mind of its own. At times they are super oily while some days it’s too dry. There are some days when they behave and have that soft texture. When the month starts I do a facial that is “Cheryl’s O2C2” which is a brightening facial. There is a Vitamin C Moisturizer that I have to use after the facial. I keep it in my bag all the time. I hate summers and I hate sunscreens. I am really not the sunscreen person, but I hate getting tanned in Mumbai. I would have loved the tan if I were on a vacation. I use a Cheryl Sunscreen. It’s not like the other sunscreen that gives you the burning sensation or the oily and sweaty skin that you hate. In fact this is one sunscreen that really blends in your skin.


A Novel

Taking book away from me is highly impossible. I might not read book at work or while travelling but I need to have it in my bag. Currently I have two books in my bag – Fifty Shades Darker (that I need to lend Shrabani) and The Color Purple (that I have borrowed from a friend).



(Pictures via Instagram by Chaotic Soul)


Well, these were the most important five things that my handbag always has. Apart from this there is one additional thing that I never miss on is a Deo… I am currently using Spinz Black magic. It has a nice fruity fragrance that stays for a nice decent time.


You can get more pictures on Instagram. Follow me there and see some amazing clicks from Chaotic Soul…


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