I’m sexy and I know it…

Its been too long since my last post… by the way i am still alive. The weather seems to have taken the wrong turn. Summer’s here!!! Pathetic!!! If given a choice i would keep winter the only season in Mumbai.

Work’s been busy. With appraisal going on its a busy week for the managers. Waiting for my aappraisal now. Though we all know what appraisal company does.

Are you thinking why is the post not relating to the topic??? Ahhh that’s b’cuz I haven’t started it yet. Its about the picture added below. Its taken from my phone’s front camera. Editted it on Instagram. Some of my friends think its a good pic, while some think it is Hot!!! But the ugly truth is: “The pic is photographically a good click…”

I ain’t saying that the pic is looking bad (I always look good in my pics)… So yeah I was kinda too touched to see so many people clicking on ‘LIKE’ on ‘FaceBook’.

I think I  have now justified the topic. Anyway u need to get some dreamless sleep – early office today in the evening.

Here’s the pic –


I have written the post through my phone in a hurry and so couldn’t post the links for Instagram… first thing to be done on weekend…

P.S. Happy Women’s Day to all the brilliant, beautiful, wonderful, amazing women out there.

P.P.S. The pic was taken after waking up in the morning. (I’m sexy and I know it… :p)

Keep reading! Keep blogging! Keep clicking!

Till then… Ciao


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