Relationship on a Smart Phone?


It was almost a year since Maya was dating ‘Mr. A’. Maya was a loner and so was he. They never had a real date and were rather more or less attracted physically. Maya was miles apart from her so called boyfriend, but in her mind she was ‘in a relationship’. She flirted with her office men and he did the same. They had a mutual relationship with hardly any talks but mind you they were in a relationship. She texted him every night and waited for his text until she fell asleep on her bed. He would reply her after every 3 days.


Maya was hiding her feelings from him of being in love with him, but was that wise enough to do? Mr. A never said his feelings to Maya and she felt left out. She was a typical girl who was particular about a relationship while he was a womanizer. Women loved his charms. Maya was insecure. She always thought what if he has some deep secrets? What if he has hidden hell lot of things than what she had thought? What if he just used her for his pleasure? She couldn’t deny the fact that he was a Greek God in bed and they were fire together, but that wasn’t all she needed?


Maya needed a proper date, proposal, meeting the parents and friends, accepting over the social media, engagement, wedding, honeymoon, house-warming party and all of that. Maya was a bit upset about the fact that they didn’t have a proper relationship, but she was happy that she was in a relationship (but did it exist only for Maya?)


Maya still is in the doubts of trusting him? She is attracted to him and is expecting a hell lot more from him? Maya wondered ‘what if there’s an ‘other woman’ in the picture?’ What if he met someone while she wasn’t there around? And then the most depressing thought passed by her mind, “What if I am the other woman here? What if he had been dating someone when he met me and just wanted me to be his sexual partner? What if he is married with responsibilities on him?”


These ‘what ifs’ scared Maya to the hell and lead her to more thinking and more sleepless nights… All we can do is hope for Maya’s speculations aren’t correct or even close to be true.


On this note, would like to tell all the young girls there (even the ones who are not young): First of all, being in love is the loveliest feeling; you tend to get blind enough to not see the flaws of your partner. DON’T EVER DO THAT. Being cautious is the best thing one can do. I am not asking you’ll to not trust anyone, Trust but not blindly. End of the day it would be you who would matter for yourself. If your partner is loyal, you will be the happier one and if your partner turns out to be a jerk, you will be sad. ASK… People may not agree with my thoughts but DISCUSSING and COMMUNICATING is the key towards all successful relationships. In the above story, Mr. A could be an honest person who is just a bit scared to say his feelings. Maybe there would be one of his friends who would know his story and would be publishing it somewhere at the same time. Or maybe he is just a workaholic and doesn’t believe in saying everything. Or maybe Maya is correct with her speculations and maybe he is a two-timer, or a husband or worse a Father! Girls like Maya might get too easily emotionally attached to any guy but as they say, emotions depend from one person to the other. Maya was just too much into the lovely sex part in the beginning that she completely forgot or ignored about the facts of life. She and Mr. A are in a long distance relationship and it’s all about rings and smart phones. Ring is what she is expecting through a relationship which is (NOW) just on a Smartphone.

Secondly, Girls there’s something very beautiful you’ve got which is known as LIFE. Live it! Enjoy it! If there has to be someone special in your life, he will come a long way anyway.


Ring and Smart Phone
Ring and Smart Phone


P.S.: Be safe! Don’t be a fool in Love! Keep Reading! Keep Blogging!

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One thought on “Relationship on a Smart Phone?

  1. almost similar to my story. xcept one word.. “Smart” coz it started between (nokia 1100 & nokia 3110) 😉 . She put me thru hell lot of tests b4 admitting her love, to see whether i was trust-worthy or not. But I wasn’t angry coz its natural to occur with anyone. And i told her one day “There are 1000 reasons to let mistrust come between us but only 1 reason can keep us together forever. My love 4 You.”
    a word to Maya : we know the negative “what-if”. think positive. What-if despite flirting, talking and sex with other girls, he sees only U in them? got it? 🙂 issues will pop up in long-distance-relationship but patience and trust helps u make it through all this.


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