Happily ever After…???

I always was intrigued about the term ‘Happily Ever After’. I am an undoubtedly big fan of pathetic romantic movies where a cute looking hero would fall in love with a beautiful looking girl, fight through all the odds and finally get married with a nice song played at the last. I really love that shit! I am even a bigger fan of a love-struck novel and romantic songs.


But though I am all about love I have never really come across ‘Happily Ever After’ in real. Do they exist in real? Do they exist at all? I have seen quite some love marriages till now but how can we know if they are ‘Happily Ever After’ unless we see it with our own two eyes that they lived and died together.


People fight. People fall in love. They cry. They laugh. They enjoy. They get married. They have kids. They fight. They fight more. They say sorry. They love each other. They love the kids. They fight again. Where is there the ‘Happily Ever After’ tag here? I am of the personal opinion that this term doesn’t really exist in the life we live. We might cheat the world and ourselves that this does exist. But close your eyes and think about your love and then think would there be a ‘Happily Ever After’ tag against your story.


Anyway let’s hope that all of us get the ‘Happily Ever After’ tag against their love story.

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