Lust List: Necessities

I have been surfing a lot on Pinterest and on other sites on the net for a real nice book shelf. My book shelf currently is nothing but closed cupboards which are very small to accommodate all my books. My mom believes in giving away things not needed, but when it comes to books I am a bad version of myself if anyone thinks of taking my book away. Lending someone for a week or two or even for a month is still okay but FOREVER – Naaah!


My brother called me an Addict today – and I had to made him realize that I was addicted years back to the world of Internet! My brother also feels that my mood depends on what I am wearing. He says, If I am in my work clothes, I am usually pissed off and its more or less like ‘Don’t mess up with me or else I will kill you’ mode. Whereas if I am wearing my shorts I am in a very good mood and he feels I am safe to talk to then. I am not sure if what he has said is 100% correct or no, but the possibility of it being right is very high!


Well I am doing a Lust List after quite some time. I have jotted down 3 things on my Lust List.



I have been trying to get a proper, beautiful, trendy and affordable bookshelf that actually accommodates more books and doesn’t take a lot of space. Bulky furniture is not what I am planning to invest in.

I have seen a couple of them on pinterest and I am really keen to get it made for me.




Nikon D5100

I have been obsessed with photography for the last one year or so. I saw ample of videos on YouTube and also surfed over the net and came to a conclusion of purchasing a Nikon D5100. Let’s see how I am going to convince my mom.




Wedding Band

I know it is supposed to be worn when you get married, but I am obsessed with the design of a wedding band I saw this month during my gold shopping. I didn’t buy it then because my mom was a bit confused about letting me wear a wedding band. But later I explained to her that in us Bengalese, we don’t consider Wedding bands as a wedding symbol. It is more or less the western culture ( I know it is a wedding symbol, but I couldn’t convince her otherwise).

Let’s see if I get the wedding band I am expecting to get.






(Pics Via Pinterest)

These were the things on my lust list for now.


P.S.: I am going to get all of them!!!


Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Keep Clicking! Keep Shopping!

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